Inside Our Grocery Store

Whether you’re shopping for ingredients to prepare that special dinner or you’re in search of everyday items, you’ll find that Ellwood Thompson’s carries all the essentials on your list. From produce and dairy to canned goods and paper products, we’re sure that you’ll leave with fresh, locally produced, environmentally friendly and high quality products that are safe for you. Our market steers clear of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, preservatives trans fats and GMOs. We work with local vendors who produce food and other products that fall in line with our high standards.

Our focus is on all-natural locally prepared foods and other products. We look within the City of Richmond and scan for the best and closest suppliers – ones that won’t have to ship long distances and compromise the freshness we so eagerly crave.

The producers of our non-food items are just as carefully chosen. Light bulbs, detergents, cleaners, paper towels – all of these items are produced by companies that are keen on safety and environmental impact. We adhere to our Environmental Pledge and provide low-energy lights, non-toxic cleaners and paper goods that are 80% recycled and bleach-free.

We are conscious of your food preferences, sensitivities, and allergies. We have clearly labeled food for raw vegans, vegetarians and those who lead a gluten-free lifestyle. Our market is stocked with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We don’t want the journey from the farm to your table to be clouded with vague processes and unknown ingredients. We want to keep you healthy and in the know.