GOOD: Zoning for Urban Produce

GOOD Magazine just posted a very interesting article regarding a proposed zoning act that would make way for designated urban gardening space in San Francisco, under the order of Mayor Gavin Newsom. Mr. Newsom has remained in favor for urban farming and continually encouraging the City and County of San Francisco to increase its healthy and sustainable food supply in an executive directive last year, in which he stated that, “access to safe, nutritious and culturally acceptable food is a basic human right and is essential to both human health and ecological sustainability.”

To read more about proposed zoning change, head over to the San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance.

Normans' Garden Video

ET – Norman’s Garden from Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market on Vimeo.

About two weeks ago we took a trip right down the road to Norman’s Garden, literally 4 miles from our front door. Norman is of English descent and has been living with his family in Richmond for nearly 30 years now. He uses a traditional no-till method and relies on the insects and earth worms to do most of his work. Check out our video and leave us a comment!