Just In From Tricycle Gardens

We just got in a ton of locally-grown, organic starter veggies from Richmond’s own Tricycle Gardens! Tricycle Gardens is a grassroots, environmental nonprofit organization focused on bringing agriculture, nutrition education and healthy food access to the urban core of Richmond, Virginia.  Founded in 2002 by three architects living in Church Hill who believed community gardens, and the simple act of growing food, were the fastest ways to transform the overall health of their community – both for the residents and the environment.

These starter herbs are available now for just $3.99 for a 6-pack. They’re a great way to start your summer harvest off right! Nothing’s better than a fresh, summer salad with locally grown greens! Come get ’em!

Community Garden Update

We just wanted to show you al some photos of the Ellwood Thompson’s plot at the Humphrey Calder Community Garden. The community garden was founded in 2009 by a partnership with Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market, Tricycle Gardens and the City of Richmond.  Right now we’re growing organic red chard, tomatoes, basil, marigolds, potatoes, onions, eggplant, radish, peas, cucumbers, beets, spinach, mizuna greens, lettuce and more.

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Today's Garden Tour Canceled

Due to a high chance of rain all day and into the night, the “Intro to the Garden” tour at the Humphrey Calder Community garden has been postponed today to a further date, TBA. We’ll keep you all posted on our Facebook page and our Twitter page. We’re thinking maybe even something this weekend, stay tuned!

This Thursday is BUG NIGHT!

Insects are the largest group of animals in the world. They are our greatest competitors for food, destroying 1/3 to 1/2 of all food grown for human consumption worldwide.  Some species spread diseases that harm us and domestic animals. However, only 1% of all insect species have any real negative impact on the human condition. The vast majority of species either do not impact us directly, or are critically important to our quality of life as pollinators and food for other wildlife. Insects are the movers and shakers in the natural world, preying on pest species and recycling dead plant, animals, and animal waste.

Join Tricycle Gardens this THURSDAY NIGHT for their first annual Bug Night! August 26th from 5:30-9:30pm at the farm! Check out the Farm Stand, meet their staff and volunteers, and learn about the work of Tricycle Gardens. AND, as biodiversity is one of their favorite topics, they will be having a bug count with some folks from VCU. Come out and learn about how Tricycle Gardens is improving our shared urban ecology! (There will have locally brewed Legend beer, bring your own beer cup and help us keep the waste stream low!)

Movie in the Garden

If you joined us for the last movie in the garden on July 10th, then you should definitely come out again this coming Saturday, August 14th to watch Steven Spielberg’s E.T. with us! We’ll get together with our friends at Tricycle Gardens around sunset at the Humphrey Calder Community Garden on the corner of Thompson and Patterson. Don’t forget to bring lawn chairs, a picnic blanket, pillows and some bug spray to get comfy. We’ll be providing light refreshments and some popcorn too. No need to RSVP for this so please tell all your friends and neighbors, it’s going to be awesome!

Ellwood’s & Tricycle Garden’s Movie in the Garden / Saturday, Aug. 14th / 8:00pm / Corner of Thompson & Patterson at the community garden.

What our plot is producing

With a late start to your garden, you’re going to see later results. But patience is a virtue and we’re seeing some wonderful and aromatic musk melons and squash, as well as some slicing and heirloom green zebra tomatoes. Left to pick are some sweet potatoes, potatoes, more tomatoes, marigolds, peppers, more squash and plenty of herbs. We can’t wait to dig into these musk melons! We’ll keep you posted on more to come.

If you’re interested in your own plot at the Humphrey Calder Community Garden, please contact Tricycle Gardens at 804-231-7767.