How To Use A Paper Towel

It’s something we never really think about until numbers like this are presented to us. More paper towels are used per day than you could imagine. Often times, only a small percentage of that paper towel is actually used to absorb or clean up any mess. Joe Smith breaks it down for us and shows us how to use them the correct way.

Translating the World’s Best Bikeways

From the Netherlands to America: Translating the World’s Best Bikeway Designs from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

The Netherlands is widely recognized for having the highest cycling rates in the world. What’s not so well known is that the Dutch don’t bike so much because cycling is in their DNA. They do it because after the country started down the path toward car dependence, they made a conscious decision to change course. After many decades of deliberate policy to invest in cycling as a mode of transportation, the Netherlands has the most advanced bike infrastructure you’ll ever see.

Say Hello to our new Solar Panels!

This past week, we teamed up with our friends at Urban Grid Solar in Richmond, VA to install eight photovoltaic panels on our south facing roof. These initial 8 panels will be the first of many more to help reduce our environmental impact and help set new sustainable standards in the Richmond community.

These steps go hand in hand with our Environmental Pledge:

At Ellwood Thompson’s, we realize that our actions directly impact our community and environment. It is our goal to establish new  environmental standards in our community and beyond.

We make every effort to bring awareness to environmental issues and more importantly, practice what we preach. We strive to reduce our waste, recycle and compost everything we can, support alternative modes of transportation and incorporate green building methods into our store.

Being a sustainable community partner is something that we owe to our planet.

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