Tomato Season in Virginia

Well, it’s that time of the year again in Virginia. The weather easily reaches three-digit numbers and the tomatoes are bursting off the vines. Lucky for us, we’ve got local farmers bringing them in by the truckload. So if you’re not growing your own by now, we’ve got you covered. Look for Certified Organic tomatoes from Amy’s Garden including sungolds, Jubilee’s, and Heirlooms. We’ve also got naturally grown cherry and heirlooms from Norman’s Garden, just 4 miles away, and Clark Blackwell’s delicious varieties.

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Marinated Tofu Sandwich With Asian Greens

One local product that Virginia is lucky enough to have year-round is the delicious USDA certified organic tofu from Twin Oaks Community in Louisa County. Thus we’ve decided to take advantage of the tofu and the wonderful heirloom tomatoes that are in abundance right now and make a delicious summertime sandwich.

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Our Favorite Summer Wines

Summer can mean so many things, but for us we tend to focus it around food and friends! Porch chillers, grilling in the back yard, fresh seafood, the smell of grass, buckets of ice and young, light and crisp summer wines that go down smooth with every sip. We’ve gathered round the table and selected our favorite wines for the summer at prices that are easy to swallow.

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Local Basil Lemonade

What could be more thirst quenching on a hot summer day than a mason jar full of homemade lemonade filled with ice? There’s just something about the taste of lemonade that lets our body and mind know that it’s summer. Something about the sweat dripping off the cold class and the smell of sweet lemons that naturally refreshes us.

With the abundance of local basil in Virginia right now, especially the harvest from Victory Farms, mix up your traditional lemonade recipe with some fresh basil leaves for a taste that will soon make it’s home on your palate.

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Just In: Late Season Local Watermelons

We just got in a pallet of Shenandoah Valley local watermelons! If you think that this late in the season the melons aren’t going to have the deliciously sweet flavor, you’re wrong! Talk about NO sugar loss at all here, these things are like candy! Best part about it, they’re on sale right now for just $1.99/ea! You heard it right, $2 for a huge watermelon, full of flavor! Summertime just got extended!