Hardywood Park Brewery Tour

A few weeks ago we had the chance to bring our “official beer tasting elite squad”  just down the street to Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. On the grounds we got a tour, saw the process of making their Singel, and more importantly, got to try some of their newest creations such as the Virginia Blackberry and the DIPA. Both of which are in stock now on our shelves.

All About Virginia Cheeses


Monday, April 2nd 6PM – 7PM


Ellwood’s Community Room


Dany Schutte


In this introduction class to Virginia Cheeses, our local cheesemoner, Dany Schutte will take you on a trip around the state, sampling and discovering the best of Virginia.





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There is limited seating/availability for all classes and events and you must purchase your ticket ahead of time. Either stop by the store’s customer service desk or register and pay online.

All About Virginia Cheeses


Call the customer service desk at 804-359-7525.

All About Virginia Cheeses Class

To start off our Community Classroom series, we’re diving deep into the delicious world of Virginia cheeses! Dany Schutte is back with a palate full of information and knowledge that will guide you through the amazing creameries of this state.

There is limited seating/availability for all classes and events and you must purchase your ticket ahead of time. Sign up for this class now.

Love Your Roots

If you’re truly planning on eating locally year round, when it comes down to winter time, you have to face it – you’re going to be eating root vegetables. Whether you live in California or Virginia, the winter puts root vegetables in abundance and it’s up to us to eat them.

And we’re not just talking carrots and potatoes here (yes, we know potatoes are tubers), we’re talking parsnips, daikon radish, beets, fennel, turnips, rutabaga, etc. Mark Bittman, the NYTimes food columnist says, “Most contain starchy sugars, so they brown beautifully and become sweet after cooking. (Only carrots and beets are sweet raw.) All of this can be disclosed simply by substituting just about any root vegetable you like in your favorite potato recipe. The treatment won’t be identical (the more sugar, the quicker the browning), but it will be similar, and the results will almost always be startling and good.

So if you’re looking for some easier ways to truly enjoy the flavors of winter, click here for 6 delicious root hosting recipes from the New York Times.

Our favorite local snack

Let us introduce you to one of our new favorite local fall snacks – and how easy it is to create. Step 1: Go get the biggest, juiciest local apple you can find (hint: look in our produce department). Step 2: Go grab some locally-made creamy cinnamon-molasses cashew butter from Reginald’s Homemade in Manakin Sabot, Virginia. Step 3: Take a bite of your apple, then take a bite of the cashew butter – enjoy.

Locally-made bagels, now in stock!

We had to say goodbye to H&H Bagels but are happy to bring in another piece of Richmond’s finest! Say hello to the best bagel in time, Cupertino’s NY style bagels, available now at Ellwood Thompson’s! Cupertino’s bagels are an all-natural, NY style bagel available in a multitude of flavors including plain, whole wheat, sea salt, garlic, super cinnamon, blueberry, sesame seed, everything, pumpernickel, multi-grain and more. They’re available now in our deli case.

Bombolini Pasta: The pasta for everyone!

Family owned and manufactured in Richmond, Virginia – Bombolini Pasta produces a traditional dish with an upscale, delicious twist. Featuring a wide range of products, with some obscurities such as squid ink pasta and black olive – Bombolini is the pasta that has been missing from your life!

They will be in the store TONIGHT (10/15) sampling some of their pasta from 4-7pm. Come find them in the deli! Who knows…you might just fall in love with pasta all over again.