Book Reading at Ellwoods

Yesterday in honor of Virginia Agriculture Week, Kate Lainhart from Manakintowne Specialty Growers was in the store for a reading of “Ready, Set, Grow!” to some local children!

Ready, Set, Grow is a book by the Virginia Farm Bureau that shows the many agricultural products that Virginia has to offer and the process and hard work that goes into that.

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Different Colors of the Rainbow

Just arrived today are our Shenandoah Valley Produce Auction lima beans and Heirlooms!

The lima beans were JUST picked and shelled on Tuesday – which means they are as fresh as you can get! We tried them raw, and the flavor was out of this world.

And the Heirloom ‘maters are just begging to be apart of your salad or sandwich!

Normans' Garden Video

ET – Norman’s Garden from Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market on Vimeo.

About two weeks ago we took a trip right down the road to Norman’s Garden, literally 4 miles from our front door. Norman is of English descent and has been living with his family in Richmond for nearly 30 years now. He uses a traditional no-till method and relies on the insects and earth worms to do most of his work. Check out our video and leave us a comment!