Get A Dinner & Give A Dinner!

We are back at it with Get A Dinner/Give A Dinner!  We had so much fun with giving during Thanksgiving that we’ve decided to continue the fun!  We’re giving away three Holiday dinners (1 whole turkey, three sides, and one dessert)! Except we’re not going to stop at three, we’ve decided to double that. This Holiday Season, from December 3rd through the 19th, when you buy a $2 raffle ticket at our customer service desk, you’ll be entered to win one of those three Holiday dinners! With that win comes an even bigger win: Ellwood’s will donate that same dinner to a family in need, selected by the Feedmore Central Virginia Food Bank! This way when you get a dinner, you give one in return!

All you have to do is visit our customer service desk to purchase your raffle ticket.

Gluten-Free Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

Once these cookies are all gone and you announce that they are gluten-free and vegan, two things are going to happen. 1. Either no one is going to hear you or 2. As you try and explain what gluten-free or vegan means, you’ll quickly be ignored. That’s okay though, because for those celiac intolerant or vegan individuals out there, your points are racking up. Not only are they delicious, chewy and best when warm, but they’ll make your house smell amazing! Click for the recipe.

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Recipes for a Perfect Turkey

We always get the question from our customers, “Do you have any good turkey recipes that I could use?” The answer is, usually yes and no. We have a few delicious turkey recipes but we never really posted them or made them available to the public. That is, until now. For this holiday season, we’re taking a few of our favorite holiday turkey recipes and sharing them with you. Whether you want a traditionally prepared turkey or something out of left field, we’ve got the steps for you. Continue reading