Recipe: Summer Heirloom Tomatoes w/ Shell Bean Hummus

If now’s not the time to celebrate Virginia tomatoes then we’re not sure when the time is – and they’re only going to get better. Any day now we’ll be seeing huge Cherokee’s and other beautiful heirloom varieties on our floor, all brought in by local farmers such as Amy’s Garden and Victory Farms. If you’re looking for an untraditional way to enjoy these tomatoes, try this delicious recipe we found over at Bon Appetit that blends the juicy flavors of summer with Mediterranean cuisine.

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Marinated Tofu Sandwich With Asian Greens

One local product that Virginia is lucky enough to have year-round is the delicious USDA certified organic tofu from Twin Oaks Community in Louisa County. Thus we’ve decided to take advantage of the tofu and the wonderful heirloom tomatoes that are in abundance right now and make a delicious summertime sandwich.

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Just In: Late Season Local Heirlooms

If you’re not ready to give up those big, delicious Virginia heirloom tomatoes just yet, no need to worry. We just got a good delivery of Shenandoah Valley local heirlooms in, just in time for fall. These will probably be the last of the season in terms of local heirlooms so you better get them while you can, $2.99/lb.

Just In: Plantation Woods Local Tomatoes

We just got in some of the most amazing heirlooms we’ve seen all season! Keith & Michelle from Plantation Woods just stopped by to drop of some summer beauties in beautiful reds and yellows! We’ve got a few limited cases of heirloom: Arkansas Travelers, Brandywines, and Keith’s own heirloom cross called “Orange Dream” that will make any salad a dessert! Come in and get them before they’re all gone! Continue reading