Coming in May: Blanchard's Micro Lots

Estate owner, David Garrido in Panama.

Starting in May, we’re teaming up with Blanchard’s Coffee (locally roasted right across the river) to bring you their first batch of monthly micro brews here at the store and at our cafe.

They’ll be starting with their Panamanian Bouquet Volcancito Estate, a micro lot fully run by the Garrido Family (David Garrido is pictured above). Functioning in true estate fashion, growing with sustainable practices and controlling every aspect of the process from the harvest to the on site wet mill.

This micro lot is a rich, fruity and sweet blend with hints of chocolate & orange and a dark, malty flavor. It’s coffee growing at it’s best.

RVA Barista Jam

We’re proud to be the host of yet another RVA Barista Jam! If you’re in the mood for some unique and out-of-the-ordinary coffee combinations, stop on by Ellwood’s Cafe on Wednesday, February 23rd at 6pm for some fun. We’ve had multiple winners crowned best barista in Richmond right here at Ellwood’s Cafe, it’s not to be missed! Blanchard’s Coffee will be supplying the locally roasted ammo!

Pairing of the Brews: Legend Brewery

Legend Brewing Company is Richmond’s brewing company! Brewed and bottled right on the river side, they are a commercial microbrewery providing true premium beers to many of the best pubs and restaurants in Richmond and other areas of Virginia since January, 1994. Their mission is to bring to their customers the finest and freshest brews as flavorful alternatives to mass-marketed mainstream products. They’re one of the few craft breweries in this region producing both lagers and ales, which require different yeasts and maturation conditions. All Legend beers are unpasteurized and made from only two-row and specialty barley malt, hops, water and yeast.

This Wednesday, October 20th, we will be joining forces with Legend Brewery, 6pm at Ellwood’s Cafe for our third installment of Pairing of the Brews – a three course meal paired with three delicious Legend Beers, all for just $25 a ticket. You’ll get to meet the brewmaster himself and discover everything that goes into each craft brew. At the same time you’ll be enjoying three delicious courses from our head chef Josh Wood. Tickets are available now at the customer service desk or at our cafe. Hurry before they’re all gone, seating is limited.

Oskar Blues at the Cafe!

No, Oskar Blues isn’t a musician, rather a delicious new draft that we just got in at Ellwood’s Cafe! Oskar Blues describes the style of Gordon Beer as “somewhere between an Imperial Red and a Double IPA” and it certainly fits that bill with a wonderful and intense hoppiness, 85 IBUs of bitterness, and a sweetness that creates a great balance and flavor.

Oskar Blues brews Gordon in tribute to the late Gordon Knight. In addition to opening some of Colorado’s first microbreweries, Knight was a Vietnam vet, grade-A citizen, and huge promoter of craft beer. He lost his life in 2002 while fighting a wild fire outside of Lyons, Colorado. Gordon Beer has a standard off-white tan head that is pleasantly foamy and frothy. The head lasts an average amount of time and leaves a nice froth on the glass. The color of this beer is a wonderful red-orange or caramel amber and is very clear. It looks very inviting.

The taste of Gordon Beer lives up to the smell. The citrus and floral smells are delicious and clean on the tongue. It has a great malty and caramel flavor and is pleasantly more malty than I expected. The malt sweetness is accompanied by a slight nuttiness and roasty flavor, which probably comes from the chocolate malt. At 85 IBUs there is no doubt that this beer has loads of hop bitterness but it is not a harsh bitter flavor. The bitterness is smooth, which is due to a good balance of malt sweetness and probably hops low in cohumulone. For instance, I felt that Gordon Beer is smoother than Green Flash IPA and probably has as much, if not more, IBUs. (via)