An Ode To Food Poetry Contest

Ahhh, food. What a profound love we have for it! Show us YOUR love by submitting a poem about the dish or food of your choice. It’s that simple! You’ll be entered to win a box of chocolates and a flower arrangement to give to that special someone or keep for yourself.

To Enter: Simply drop your poem off with your name, phone, age, and email address at our customer service desk or email your poem with “Love Poem Contest” as the subject line to

Limit one entry per person, deadline for entry is Monday, February 11th. Gifts are chosen by Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market. All entries must be original content.

Half-Baked Contest

We love fresh baked goods! From warm muffins to hearty whole grain breads, creating them from scratch is always an experiment and we have fun with it at the Ellwood’s Bakery! Now, we’re turning to you, our customers, for inspiration! We’re asking you to come up with a unique recipe for a cupcake, cookie, or type of bread. If your recipe is chosen, we’ll name it after you, bake it for one month, and sell it in our store! To enter, either come in and drop your recipe off in our drop box or email it to

We look forward to baking your recipe! Many will enter, just one will win. One winner will be chosen by Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market for production and sale in the store. The baked good will be named based upon discussion with the creator of the recipe and Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market. Please enter online or in the drop box. One winner will be chosen during the first week of July 2012.

Our Friends Need Your Help!

Our friends need your help! Do we have your ears? If so, here’s the low down: Pedal Power is a Richmond, VA based group that is committed to educating the community on the many alternatives available to consumers for our sustainability. Beyond events, Pedal Power seeks to demonstrate simple steps we can all take to reduce energy consumption and have a positive impact on the environment.

What they do: Pedal Power organizes and participates in events where people ride bikes on stationary trainers and help generate power for the event. Kind of like a wind turbine, but without the wind. Their goal is to get people to feel how much energy it takes to make electricity and make the connection to use less. Get the picture?

Your Mission: Not happy with their name, Pedal Power has decided that it’s time for a new one. And that’s where you come in. We need you to help develop a better name for this great organization so that everyone, not just cyclists, begin to understand how much energy is needed to create the electricity we all use.  We want the new name to better convey our core mission of raising awareness about energy conservation. Email your idea to  All entries will be submitted to Pedal Power who will make the final decision. One winner will receive a custom jersey, CamelBak water bottle and the knowledge of knowing they’re helping to save the environment.

For more information on Pedal Power, just visit their website.

First Annual Bumper Sticker Contest

We’re in the market for a creative, funny, and original new bumper sticker for our store – and we’d love to have your help! Get your thinking caps on and shoot us some ideas. Keep it simple and keep it clean, we’re looking for ideas that make us and everyone around us smile. We’ll announce one winner on March 16th and then have those stickers made and available to the public!

One winner will receive a $50.00 gift card to our store, life-long Richmond fame, and a picture on our website!

To enter, just submit your idea to

Make sure you include your full name, email, phone number, zip code, and of course, your idea. Click on for the official rules and all the small print.

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