Rush Creek Reserve is Back!

Around this time every year, we’re lucky enough to get in a small order of Uplands Rush Creek Reserve. It’s a cheese so good that when a renowned French affineur tastes it, and jokes about sending his own cheesemakers to Dodgeville, Wisconsin, to learn how it’s made, you know you’ve got something special. Owner’s Mike and Carol Gingrich along side of Andy Hatch at Upland’s Cheese Inc. only create two kinds of cheese from their free-roaming heard, the Rush Creek being one of them. New York cheesemonger Anne Saxelby claims that they are in the top .01 percent.

This wheel is made in Autumn when the diet of the cattle changes from grasses to dry hay. Inspired by the French Vacherin Mont d’Or and bound in a stripe of Spruce bark which imparts woody notes to the sweet, earthy cheese. A very limited holiday favorite of ours, worth every single penny. Available now for a limited time.

All About Virginia Cheeses


Monday, April 2nd 6PM – 7PM


Ellwood’s Community Room


Dany Schutte


In this introduction class to Virginia Cheeses, our local cheesemoner, Dany Schutte will take you on a trip around the state, sampling and discovering the best of Virginia.





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All About Virginia Cheeses


Call the customer service desk at 804-359-7525.

All About Virginia Cheeses Class

To start off our Community Classroom series, we’re diving deep into the delicious world of Virginia cheeses! Dany Schutte is back with a palate full of information and knowledge that will guide you through the amazing creameries of this state.

There is limited seating/availability for all classes and events and you must purchase your ticket ahead of time. Sign up for this class now.

Caromont Farm Local Cheeses!

We’re super excited to get in two new local goat cheeses from Caromont Farm in Esmont, Virginia! Caromont is located just 23 miles south of Charlottesville where their core values of sustainable farming start with a commitment to their animals and a strong connection to place.

Gail Hobbs Page is the owner and  cheese maker at Caromont Farm. Her cheeses enjoy a  local as well as a regional following, and are sold at Specialty Cheese Shops, Farmers Markets, and Fine Restaurants  throughout the Southeast. Caromont  holds true to  the  basic farmstead principles of cheese making– they source no outside milk, use no frozen curd, and all cheeses are hand ladled. They continually strive to develop the  terroir of Esmont  in their  cheeses through improving their soil fertility while practicing  holistic herd  practices.

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National Dairy Month – Day 6: Aged Mahon

We have come upon day 6 of National Dairy Month and today’s cheese is delicious. Aged Mahon is a Spanish cheese from the island of Menorca and one of the few Spanish cheeses produced from cow’s milk. It is released in two different agings and we can’t get enough of the latter. It comes drier in texture and nuttier than the younger one. We’ll be sampling it all day, so if you’re in the store be sure to give it a try!

Fermented – A Beer & Cheese Class

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with Capital Ale House Downtown when Ellwood’s own Dany Schutte hosts FERMENTED: A class dedicated to the wonderful flavors of beer and cheese. If you’re interested, you must purchase tickets in advance, which you can get at Capital Ale House Downtown. Tickets are just $15 and include six perfectly paired beer and cheese combinations. Set your calendar for Thursday, November 18th at 7pm.

Just In: Nettle Meadow's Honey-Lavender Goat Cheese

My mouth is still watering from the sample of cheese that Keith just brought me. We just got in a limited run of Nettle Meadow’s Honey-Lavender Fromage Blank unsalted goat cheese from Warrensburg, NY. It’s a delicious and perfect blend of honey and just a touch of lavender that absolutely melts on your tongue. Right now they’re just $5.99/ea and we’re sampling them with Little Raggi’s local crackers from Ocean City, Maryland.