Just In: Victory Farms Local Veggies

This is what you get when you work with small-scale, local Virginia farmers like Victory Farms – perfectly grown veggies this late in the year. Charlie and Gina know how to grow sustainable with the seasons, that’s why we’re getting plenty of winter root vegetables, apples, winter greens, broccoli and even hoop-house tomatoes in. These aren’t packed and shipped from California. They’re grown and driven over here from 17 miles away baby!

Winter greens, mustard greens, roma tomatoes, sungold tomatoes, broccoli and more. Come get them before they’re gone. Their taste and freshness is superior to anything else in the store!

Victory Farms October Greens are In!

Charlie came in yesterday with enough winter veggies to feed a small country. Because of this, we’ve expanded our local greens section so that it now takes up almost half of our greens rack! That’s almost 50% all local greens! Click to see what he brought in! Continue reading