Ellwood's House Blend

Last week we headed over to Blanchard’s Coffee Co. on Forest Hill Ave. during their last few weeks at that location to test and taste some blends, single origins, and recommendations from Stephen for our upcoming house espresso blend. We even threw some milk in there to see how it held up.

In a few weeks, you’ll have the chance to try this delicious new house coffee, locally roasted right in Manchester at our new coffee, tea and juice bar. We’d love to know what you think!

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Blanchard's is Moving

If you live anywhere near 5047 Forest Hill Ave., soon you won’t be smelling that delicious aroma of fresh roasted coffee in the morning as you drive by Blanchard’s Coffee Co. Richmond’s original roasting company will soon be packing up their gear and heading to greener pastures. Or in this case, just more room. Their operation has been steadily growing and it is now time for a long needed expansion.

Read the full article and interview from Hills and Heights.

Nicaraguan Maragogype Peaberry

We’re proud to introduce the 5th Microlot from our friends over at Blanchard’s Coffee in Forest Hill, Richmond. This one in particular is very special for the simple reason that Blanchard’s has the entire 2011 harvest of it.

Pronounced mar-uh-go-heap-ay, known for being the largest bean in the coffee world. The Nicaraguan Maragogype Peaberry is an extremely rare find and Blanchard’s Coffee Co. is excited to have purchased this year’s entire crop, which was limited to a little over 300 pounds.

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Coming in May: Blanchard's Micro Lots

Estate owner, David Garrido in Panama.

Starting in May, we’re teaming up with Blanchard’s Coffee (locally roasted right across the river) to bring you their first batch of monthly micro brews here at the store and at our cafe.

They’ll be starting with their Panamanian Bouquet Volcancito Estate, a micro lot fully run by the Garrido Family (David Garrido is pictured above). Functioning in true estate fashion, growing with sustainable practices and controlling every aspect of the process from the harvest to the on site wet mill.

This micro lot is a rich, fruity and sweet blend with hints of chocolate & orange and a dark, malty flavor. It’s coffee growing at it’s best.

RVA Barista Jam

We’re proud to be the host of yet another RVA Barista Jam! If you’re in the mood for some unique and out-of-the-ordinary coffee combinations, stop on by Ellwood’s Cafe on Wednesday, February 23rd at 6pm for some fun. We’ve had multiple winners crowned best barista in Richmond right here at Ellwood’s Cafe, it’s not to be missed! Blanchard’s Coffee will be supplying the locally roasted ammo!