Translating the World’s Best Bikeways

From the Netherlands to America: Translating the World’s Best Bikeway Designs from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

The Netherlands is widely recognized for having the highest cycling rates in the world. What’s not so well known is that the Dutch don’t bike so much because cycling is in their DNA. They do it because after the country started down the path toward car dependence, they made a conscious decision to change course. After many decades of deliberate policy to invest in cycling as a mode of transportation, the Netherlands has the most advanced bike infrastructure you’ll ever see.

Moonlight Bike Ride

Howl at the full moon and celebrate the joy of cycling at the Anthem Moonlight Ride! Let your wild side show by decorating your bike and winning the best bike costume contest. There will also be prizes for the best decorative lights for your bike. The Moonlight Ride starts and finishes at the Sports Backers Stadium and features a short (9 miles) or longer (18 miles) route along Hermitage Road and Monument Avenue. A FREE concert awaits riders as they finish the ride. There will be activities before and after the ride including live music, food, exhibitors and interactive activities.

Come join in on the ride!

London’s Bicycle Superhighway Opens Today!

How cool is this!? What an incredible idea that actually happened! As a way to encourage bike commuting and improve safety for bicyclists on the road, London is opening a series of bike superhighways along important commuter routes in the city. The first two Barclays Cycle Superhighways just launched today to mark the beginning of what London Mayor, Boris Johnson, calls a “cycle revolution“. Painted a bold, bright blue, the cycle highways are 1.5 meters wide and they provide a safer space and more efficient routes for cyclists to travel.

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