TONIGHT: Strength in Numbers

Tonight, Richmond’s historic Byrd Theater will be host to Red Bull’s long awaited Strength in Numbers mountain bike video. The fact that Richmond is getting this video just two weeks after it’s premiere is a pretty big deal. So if you’re a fan of bicycling in general, not just mountain biking, come out to The Byrd tonight! Doors open at 7pm and film start promptly at 7:30pm. Get there early and get a seat!

The Success of Capital Bikeshare

We’re so glad that more and more bike share programs are making their way to the states, especially on the east coast! For a bikeshare program to work in Richmond, what efforts do you think would need to be made in Richmond? Is Richmond ready for a bike share program? For more information on Capital Bikeshare, click here.

Citizen Bike Winner!

We want to congratulate Richmonder, Jason Sullivan, a graphic designer for winning the Nature’s Path Citizen folding bike. Keep an eye out for Jason as he zips around town.

Jason, who happens to be a bike advocate says, “Bike-riding is contagious, so the best thing that anyone can do to promote cycling in Richmond (or any city) is just to ride. You don’t need spandex or any fancy equipment, all you need is a bike, and you’re ready to go! The more people we have out there riding in regular clothes running errands, riding to the grocery store, the pharmacy, commuting to work, etc., then the more ubiquitous bikes will be, motorist and lawmakers can no longer ignore us, streets will become safer, and infrastructure will be improved.”

Local Spotlight on ESPN: Evan Venditti of Re-Cycles Bikeshop

I’ve known this guy for about…4 years now and he’s as good as they come. As owner of Re-Cycles bike shop, located on 2621 W. Cary Street, Evan helps people transit throughout the city on two wheels as his job. The shop is one of my top go-to places for repairs, parts and great service, and it’s just blocks away from Ellwoods!

We just recently found a great interview on ESPN done back in June on the man himself. Click here for the interview.