The Ultimate Lunch for only $3.99!

Make packing your child’s lunch even easier, without depriving them of the healthy good stuff!

Made specially by our talented Deli staff, we proudly introduce the Ellwood Thompson’s “School Box.” Each package contains a well rounded meal of veggies, organic ingredients and local products that your child will surely love.

The best part about the “School Box” is that it goes way beyond children! My mouth was watering over the selection during the photoshoot. Because of its “grab-and-go” style this idea is great for almost anyone!

As of right now we have 3 different selections for you to pick from…and they are only $3.99! Continue reading

The Flavors of Local

Here at Ellwood’s, you know we love our local food and products. Fruit 66 falls under this umbrella of love.

Produced in Richmond, Virginia – Fruit 66 is definitely a staple in many public schools, from Richmond and beyond – which is why we had to have them sample in the store for Back to School week!

If you haven’t had the chance to meet Monica or try any of their products you still have RIGHT NOW, Friday from 4-7pm and Saturday from 12-3pm.

We give Fruit 66 our “bag lunch” stamp of approval.

Quick Back To School Snacks

1. First off, mention “Ant’s On A Log” to any kid and the name alone should strike enough curiosity to try it. By combining Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Raisins and Organic Celery, you’re left with a tasty and surprisingly sweet snack. At the same time it’s healthy, filled with great fiber, antioxidants and vitamins from the celery and raisins along with good fats and protein from the peanut butter.

2. Next, an easy to make staple that any student can create. A back-to-baiscs Vegenaise and tomato sandwich!

It’s super simple, healthy, and light. We took local tomatoes from Shenandoah Valley, sliced them and threw them on bread from Julian’s Bakery low-carb bread with grapeseed oil Vegenaise. So good! All of these snacks are extremely quick to make, healthy and light. Space your snacks and meals out throughout the day. Try eating smaller, healthy snacks in between classes and throughout the day. Stay tuned for more healthy back to school meals on the site!

Could It Be That Time Again?

As summer comes to a halt, so comes the time to put the kiddies back on the bus. But it’s hard to keep track of what they are eating while they are not at home. Gain some reassurance that they are getting the nutrition that they need! From August 23-29 we will be having a “Back to School” week highlighting some really great products that will satisfy both you and your child!

We will be posting some really great recipes, highlighting some staff picks and demoing some really great products such as Fruit 66! So be sure to check back in with us!

PS: We haven’t forgotten about you, college students! We will be highlighting some products that are right up your alley as well.