Our favorite local snack

Let us introduce you to one of our new favorite local fall snacks – and how easy it is to create. Step 1: Go get the biggest, juiciest local apple you can find (hint: look in our produce department). Step 2: Go grab some locally-made creamy cinnamon-molasses cashew butter from Reginald’s Homemade in Manakin Sabot, Virginia. Step 3: Take a bite of your apple, then take a bite of the cashew butter – enjoy.

Nicaraguan Maragogype Peaberry

We’re proud to introduce the 5th Microlot from our friends over at Blanchard’s Coffee in Forest Hill, Richmond. This one in particular is very special for the simple reason that Blanchard’s has the entire 2011 harvest of it.

Pronounced mar-uh-go-heap-ay, known for being the largest bean in the coffee world. The Nicaraguan Maragogype Peaberry is an extremely rare find and Blanchard’s Coffee Co. is excited to have purchased this year’s entire crop, which was limited to a little over 300 pounds.

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An Apple Tree Grows in Suburbia

In a movement propelled by environmental concern, nostalgia for a simpler life and a dollop of marketing savvy, developers are increasingly laying out their cul-de-sacs around organic farms, cattle ranches, vineyards and other agricultural ventures. They’re betting that buyers will pay a premium for views of heirloom tomatoes—and that the farms can provide a steady stream of revenue, while cutting the cost of landscaping upkeep.

Why not line streets with almond and avocado trees, he asks, or replace shrubbery with cabbage and currants? Golf courses could plant their roughs with kale and corn. Lawns—where they must exist—could be edged with chives and herbs.

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Cooking with Bombolini Pasta – by Tim Vidra

We were recently flipping through the pages of one of our favorite local food blogs, E.A.T., and found this amazingly simple and delicious recipe using Bombolini local pasta. What a perfect way to blend the abundance of tomatoes that are in season right now with the tasty, fresh pasta of Bombolini. Tim Vidra gives us the breakdown on one of the easiest and freshest dishes of the summer.

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Young Farmers will Rule the World!

The Greenhorns is a documentary about the courage and struggle of the current wave of young farmers in America. It’s about young people growing plants and raising animals for a living and breaking the mold of a corporate society. They’re taking risks and investing their own money into land, soil and safe, organic food production. The film was completed after almost 3 years in production. For more information on the film, visit The Greenhorn’s Website.

Locally-made bagels, now in stock!

We had to say goodbye to H&H Bagels but are happy to bring in another piece of Richmond’s finest! Say hello to the best bagel in time, Cupertino’s NY style bagels, available now at Ellwood Thompson’s! Cupertino’s bagels are an all-natural, NY style bagel available in a multitude of flavors including plain, whole wheat, sea salt, garlic, super cinnamon, blueberry, sesame seed, everything, pumpernickel, multi-grain and more. They’re available now in our deli case.

Bring in Spring with Daisies

Make sure you’re highlighting your Daisies in the proper way with the Twigs: Daisy Arrangement “How To.”

1. Get a square container from your cabinet

2. Start with four daisy stems. Cut the stems of your flowers about two blooms from the bottom & then under the last bloom. You will have 8 short pieces.

3. Put the daisy tops in the container so the ends are in the corner and the blooms are facing out, not down. (Use the first one to hold the next one in and so on.)

4. Now use the daisy bottoms to fill in the holes.

Add on: you can take this one step further and add greens from your yard to make the arrangement look more natural

I hope you enjoy! – Sarah