Just In From Tricycle Gardens

We just got in a ton of locally-grown, organic starter veggies from Richmond’s own Tricycle Gardens! Tricycle Gardens is a grassroots, environmental nonprofit organization focused on bringing agriculture, nutrition education and healthy food access to the urban core of Richmond, Virginia.  Founded in 2002 by three architects living in Church Hill who believed community gardens, and the simple act of growing food, were the fastest ways to transform the overall health of their community – both for the residents and the environment.

These starter herbs are available now for just $3.99 for a 6-pack. They’re a great way to start your summer harvest off right! Nothing’s better than a fresh, summer salad with locally grown greens! Come get ’em!

Caromont Farm Local Cheeses!

We’re super excited to get in two new local goat cheeses from Caromont Farm in Esmont, Virginia! Caromont is located just 23 miles south of Charlottesville where their core values of sustainable farming start with a commitment to their animals and a strong connection to place.

Gail Hobbs Page is the owner and  cheese maker at Caromont Farm. Her cheeses enjoy a  local as well as a regional following, and are sold at Specialty Cheese Shops, Farmers Markets, and Fine Restaurants  throughout the Southeast. Caromont  holds true to  the  basic farmstead principles of cheese making– they source no outside milk, use no frozen curd, and all cheeses are hand ladled. They continually strive to develop the  terroir of Esmont  in their  cheeses through improving their soil fertility while practicing  holistic herd  practices.

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Virginia Apples are In!

It’s that time of the year again! As the weather starts to cool down, fresh & delicious Virginia apples start to come in and orchards all over the state are bursting with color. If you haven’t had a chance yet to head west of Richmond and go apple picking, then what are you waiting for?

Until then, come by the store for some of Virginia’s finest apples from Crown Orchard, Fred Glaize Farm and more. We have some beautiful local Red and Golden Delicious apples on sale $4.99 for a 5lb bag.

An Apple Tree Grows in Suburbia

In a movement propelled by environmental concern, nostalgia for a simpler life and a dollop of marketing savvy, developers are increasingly laying out their cul-de-sacs around organic farms, cattle ranches, vineyards and other agricultural ventures. They’re betting that buyers will pay a premium for views of heirloom tomatoes—and that the farms can provide a steady stream of revenue, while cutting the cost of landscaping upkeep.

Why not line streets with almond and avocado trees, he asks, or replace shrubbery with cabbage and currants? Golf courses could plant their roughs with kale and corn. Lawns—where they must exist—could be edged with chives and herbs.

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Young Farmers will Rule the World!

The Greenhorns is a documentary about the courage and struggle of the current wave of young farmers in America. It’s about young people growing plants and raising animals for a living and breaking the mold of a corporate society. They’re taking risks and investing their own money into land, soil and safe, organic food production. The film was completed after almost 3 years in production. For more information on the film, visit The Greenhorn’s Website.

Come Get Your Basil Fix

Local, fresh Victory Farms Basil is in season right now. Stop by the store to get your fix – at just $2.99 a bunch, you definitely don’t want to miss out! If you would like to buy in bulk, we will also be taking special orders at customer service with a 10% discount, so don’t hesitate to ask.

“Basil, originally from India, is best known as a culinary herb prominently featured in Italian cuisine, and also plays a major role in the Northeast Asian cuisine of Taiwan and the Southeast Asian cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.” We recommend making a big batch of pesto, freezing it in an ice cube tray and saving it for later! Click here for a fresh, quick recipe.

Community Garden Update

We just wanted to show you al some photos of the Ellwood Thompson’s plot at the Humphrey Calder Community Garden. The community garden was founded in 2009 by a partnership with Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market, Tricycle Gardens and the City of Richmond.  Right now we’re growing organic red chard, tomatoes, basil, marigolds, potatoes, onions, eggplant, radish, peas, cucumbers, beets, spinach, mizuna greens, lettuce and more.

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What's Cooking Richmond?

Market season is coming up soon. Fresh veggies, raw milk shares, grass-fed beef… Richmond’s farmers markets offer it all. Do you want to learn how to prepare this wonderful harvest in ways that heal and sustain? Join one of our regular customers, Elli Sparks for some wonderful cooking classes. The classes will cover yogurt, kefir, raw milk, grass-fed beef, sprouted nuts and seeds, homemade pickles, fermented foods and much more. Classes hosted twice a month in her Woodland Heights home. Space is limited, so be sure to register early.

For more information, please visit Elli’s blog, What’s Cooking in Richmond.

One Local Family – A quest to buy from local businesses for one year

Meet the Levitch family from Scottsdale, Arizona. They’ve embarked on an adventure to stay away from national retailers and restaurants for an entire year.  Call them nutty, but they’re tired of spending their weekends navigating the parking lot of big box retailers and buying poor quality clothing at large chains. So their taking a time out – a 12 month time out. 12 months away from all of the big name stores and restaurants.

If this interests you, visit their blog, One Local Family, for a day to day diary of truly living local. We’ll keep you updated from time to time on how they’re doing and the barriers they run into.