Scrambled Eggs

This great and informative video from CornucopiaInstitute reveals the truth about egg production, even shines some light on large-scale organic egg production and how easy it is to bend the rules. At Ellwood Thompson’s we ONLY carry locally-grown, sustainably pasture-raised eggs. For more information on our egg selection, please click here.

Make Eggs, Not Salmonella.

In the past week, nearly 400 million eggs have been recalled in the US. This of course, is due to a scary little bacteria called salmonella. Salmonella is a nasty little, preventable motile enterobacteria that infects about 142,000 Americans each year, primarily from the eggs of chickens. Unfortunately, about 30 of these people die from the contamination. So how does this salmonella get into the egg? Well, that’s when we must turn our attention to the sad practice of factory farming poultry. Wikipedia states that: “The shell of the egg may be contaminated with salmonella by feces or a stale environment, or its interior (yolk).” So if the egg can become contaminated by feces or a stale environment, how do you prevent this from happening? We’ll first off, you don’t stack chickens on top of chickens on top of chickens in cages where they can’t even open their wings and the light of day is non-existant. Continue reading

No BS Brass Band – World's Largest Conga Line at Best Friends Day!

If you didn’t have the chance to go to Best Friends Day 9 at Hadad’s Lake this Saturday, then you sure missed out on a great time! There was a whole-lotta freedom going on! But what you really missed was Richmond’s own NO BS BRASS bands amazing performance that day, covering the likes of bands such as Led Zeppelin! At the same time, even though the Guinness Book of World records didn’t show, we’re pretty sure that they band set off with the World’s Largest Conga line! Check out the video from the event to see what you missed.

The Tiny House Movement

I think growing up, my generation (most of us anyways) always dreamed of having a huge mansion with 10 bathrooms and a swimming pool and TV’s in every room. It was the culture and lifestyle that we were shown via TV and music. But since going to school for interior design and following the sustainable housing movement, the day I build my dream home, it’s going to be small, real small. To me, less is more, especially when it comes to living. Check out this awesome PBS video above for a little more explanation on the movement.