New Ellwood's Canvas Tote Bags!

Tired of using paper bags? We are too. Our new organic canvas tote bags are now available at the store for just $5.99 each. Not only are they grown with US organic cotton but unlike most bags these days, they’re also manufactured in the US too! They’re available at the checkouts.

Expansion Revealed!

In just one short week the construction you’ve come to know and love will come to an end. Instead of saws, hammers and drilling, you’ll hear the sound of coffee grinders and juicers – our expansion will be complete! Mark your calendars for Friday, March 23rd, as the day Ellwood Thompson’s welcomes you to experience our new space, to include:

– Extended Seating Area

– Community Room

– Coffee & Juice Bar

– Expanded Meat & Seafood Selection

– Full Service Bakery

Thank you again for your patience and excitement for what will be the best Ellwood Thompson’s yet!

More pictures after the jump!

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Community Partnership: All Fired Up

Spend $20.00 at Ellwood Thompson’s and receive 20% off at All Fired Up!

Don’t go through countless paper cups, sleeves, and lids each time you visit your favorite local coffee shop.  In honor of Earth Day 2012, go green and make your own personalized travel mug at All Fired Up!

When you spend $20 at Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market, you’ll get 20% off all mugs at Richmond’s original paint-your-own-pottery studio, All Fired Up! Bring in your Ellwood Thompson’s receipt, indicating a total purchase price of $20 or more, to All Fired Up and they will give you 20% off of their entire selection of mugs, now through Earth Day, April 22nd! The best part is your paint, studio time, and firing fee are included in the price of the piece!

Offer ends April 22, 2012. Limit one per customer.

Translating the World’s Best Bikeways

From the Netherlands to America: Translating the World’s Best Bikeway Designs from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

The Netherlands is widely recognized for having the highest cycling rates in the world. What’s not so well known is that the Dutch don’t bike so much because cycling is in their DNA. They do it because after the country started down the path toward car dependence, they made a conscious decision to change course. After many decades of deliberate policy to invest in cycling as a mode of transportation, the Netherlands has the most advanced bike infrastructure you’ll ever see.

Under Construction!

As we’re sure you’ve all noticed, our store is currently in the midst of some construction. Behind those white tarps will soon be the home to many new exciting features in our store. As we try and work quickly and quietly to meet our expected opening date, we foremost apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We know that once it’s all over, the end result will be well worth it. Here’s what to expect…

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Ellwood's House Blend

Last week we headed over to Blanchard’s Coffee Co. on Forest Hill Ave. during their last few weeks at that location to test and taste some blends, single origins, and recommendations from Stephen for our upcoming house espresso blend. We even threw some milk in there to see how it held up.

In a few weeks, you’ll have the chance to try this delicious new house coffee, locally roasted right in Manchester at our new coffee, tea and juice bar. We’d love to know what you think!

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Ellwood's Local Love Valentines Day Giveaway!

This Valentines Day, we’ve gotten together with some of our favorite local vendors from our Nourish Department to give you the chance to win a truly unique and locally-made prize bag, filled with all things local that we love.

To be eligible for the prize you must answer the following question and email your answer to before Tuesday, February 7,2012. The question is: Where did the phrase “Virginia is for Lovers” come from?

A winner will be selected via a random drawing on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 and be announced via email and on our Facebook page.

This unique, local prize pack includes the following:

An iPod/iPhone pouch from The Revolution. Bath fizzles from BCakes, Valentines Soap from Richmond Soap Studio. An 8oz tin candle from Naked Soy, and some Frankenrose love refresher oil from House of Lukaya!

Chia Seeds: Why you should still be eating last years "super food"

2011 gave birth, or better yet the re-birth, of some truly amazing and nutrient dense superfoods. Foods and drinks such as coconut water and acai juice popped up again on the radar. But then there was one wild card player, a seed that was more nutrient dense than anything like it. Say hello, once again, to the Chia seed.

“These little seeds–yes, the ones you smothered on a terra cotta pot shaped like a scientist when you were a kid–have been a household name for ages, thanks to their infection commercials. But before they were made into pets, chia seeds were a well-known health supplement. The Mayans have been eating them since practically the beginning of time, and, more recently, health advocates like Dr. Weil have been spreaking their praise the better half of a decade. But 2011 was definitely the year when these nutritionally-dense little pods picked up some serious steam.” –Blisstree

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