Simple Tips: How to Maintain Adequate Protein Intake + 5 plant based options

Throughout the year, our diet can feel like it’s in a state of constant transition. With increased exercise and movement in the Summer (more energy!), cravings for soups and stews and grounding foods in the fall, and holiday havoc on our nutrition goals, it’s difficult to maintain a balance between what we know we need and what life has in store. One thing that should remain constant (although rarely does) is our attention to maintain adequate protein intake throughout the day as our lifestyle or diet changes for whatever reason. This is an area so many people struggle, and they show up with the symptoms to prove it. Continue reading

Get to Know: Sara McGlothlin, Holistic Health Coach

On the Ellwood Thompson’s Health Team, we have a small number of health coaches who we feel really embody the values of Ellwood Thompson’s including local food advocacy, holistic nutrition and community focused health. Sara is one of these fantastic health coaches, offering her expertise not only as an Institute for Integrative Nutrition trained health coach, but as a gifted fitness instructor, engaging health teacher and recipe developer. I’ve had the pleasure of taking several of Sara’s Barre classes and they’re absolutely amazing! Her nourishing recipes and daily inspiration for clean eating are so inspiring, and it’s clear that she has a gift for partnering with others to find alignment in their health journey and setting them up for sustainable success. She has a deep passion to help others reach their individual health goals, one step at a time, and works in partnership with her clients to make their goals a reality. Continue reading

4 Delicious Herbal Tea’s to Get You Through Winter

The cold of winter has officially settled in for the long haul, and staying warm is a challenge for many folks who find the cold, dampness of winter challenging. Winter is the ultimate season for herbal tea, and not only are hot herbal teas grounding and warming for the body, they also carry some powerful medicinal properties and nutrient support during the most energetically challenging season of the year. The ritual of drinking herbal tea carries a strong emotional component as well as a permission to slow down and sync with the grounding, hibernating
season that is winter. Sipping warm beverages (even just warm lemon water!), can enhance circulation, support healthy digestion, and calm the nervous system just with the simple act of taking a moment to sip consciously. Continue reading

Easing Stress | Making Lists

Not surprisingly, December is the month when the number one issue for almost everyone I see in health coaching appointments is stress. The end of the year brings all kinds of compounded feelings – goals not being met…work not getting finished by years end…running out of time for all of those social engagements that creep up. Although this truly is one of the most joyful times of year, for many people this can be the most stressful as increased responsibilities suck away any extra time and leave many people feeling frantic and stressed out. Continue reading

Batch Cook | Roasted Fall Veggies

Batch cooking – the lifesaving strategy for the busy folk. For most people, the week can creep up on us, and getting home late, forgetting to pack lunch or having no time to prep a healthy morning breakfast can completely throw off a week. That’s where batch cooking and a little thinking ahead can be incredibly helpful. Batch cooking is the practice of choosing 2-3 recipes and making them once per week to store for busier days. This could be something like a large vegetable frittata for breakfast, a pot of a whole grain salad or whole roasting a chicken for quick dinner protein. At least once a week, take a few minutes to plan out what you’d like to eat for a couple of meals (especially those meals when you know you wont have the time to prepare them) and go ahead and make all of them ahead of time when you have 1-2 hours on the weekends or a slower week night. This means you’ll always have at least one thing you can quickly grab that’s not fast food, snack food or sweets when you’re in a rush. Continue reading

5 grounding practices for when the world is moving too fast

This is the time of year when things start to feel a little crazy for people. The most common complaints that I hear starting in October includes increased stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm and this is often described as “the world is just moving too fast!”. It’s completely normal for people to feel swept up in the hustle and bustle of the fall and holiday season and they may feel completely overwhelmed before they even know how they got into that state. Now is the time to start implementing grounding, calming and nurturing practices into your daily routine so that we can build up a resilience to the increased stress that accompanies the fall season. Here are 10 grounding practices that you can practice anytime, anywhere to give our body some much needed support and resilience in the busiest time of year: Continue reading

Supplement Overwhelm | Where to Start When Choosing New Supplements

While I was working in the supplement sections of various health food stores over the years, it was a daily repeated occurrence for folks to wander into the aisles, meandering through thousands of almost identical looking bottles with an eventual look of confusion or resignation on their face, realizing they had no idea how many different types of CoQ10 there could possibly be. And now they had to choose one. Continue reading

Summer Seasonal Recipe Roundup

If there’s ever a season to enjoy the abundance of fresh produce – summertime is it! It seems like every week I go into Ellwood Thompsons or visit my local farmers market and there are new fruits and veggies to try and I’m never at a loss for recipes this time of year. I truly love the practice seasonal eating and encouraging others to find ways to incorporate their CSA’s and local produce onto their daily plates. It’s a beautiful feeling of connection with the season and with the farms and gardens that nourish us – plus the more seasonally you eat, the more you can support your local farms! Below are some of my favorite seasonal recipes to incorporate the delicious and nutrient dense bounty that summer has to offer in some creative and simple ways! Continue reading

Reverse Osmosis Water

You may have noticed that in many health food stores (Including Ellwood Thompsons), there is a section for bulk water fills which includes a tank for Reverse Osmosis water. Reverse Osmosis Water (RO) is designed to remove impurities and contaminates from water by filtering it under pressure through a semi-permeable (reverse osmosis) membrane. This membrane allows some atoms to pass through but not all of them (notably not the larger molecules). A reverse osmosis membrane will allow water molecules to pass through while filtering out a large portion of dissolved salts, bacterias and contaminants. This process deionizes and de-mineralizes water and creates a water with a very low concentration of salts (or ions). Generally, the RO filtration system can remove 95-99% of dissolved salts, bacteria, colloids, fluoride, iron, arsenic, lead, and pyrogens which is extremely beneficial for water supplies that are brackish, contaminated or that are being used in food and beverage production. RO does not remove gases from water, therefore the resulting RO water may have a slightly lower pH than normal. Continue reading

Grocery Budget: When to Purchase Organic

A common question I’ve received over the years is when to purchase organic products if you’re trying to stay within a strict grocery budget. There’s a lot of conflicting information about this and honesty everyone may have a different opinion. From my own experience, I find that this answer often changes from year to year depending on how our foods are manufactured and this is an industry that is constantly changing and shifting with increasing demand, political pressures and environmental irregularities. How your food was produced even 2 years ago may be entirely different today, and trying to keep track of this can easily suck you into an endless black hole of time consuming information hunting. So, here are my tips and resources for how to make the decision on what to purchase organic and when. Continue reading