Happy Hour at The Beet Bar


Every Thursday and Friday,  it’s Happy Hour at the bar in The Beet from 4 to 7PM, paired with live tunes for local favorites!

What You Get:

Enjoy $1 off draft beer & wine by the glass, plus one featured canned beer for $2 a pop!  For those who like a variety, try a flight of 3 different beers or wines for $5.

Drafts are always local and craft, rotating as needed, and the wines are a seasonal mixture of local and imported.

Curious about our current selection?

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Introducing: HowGood

HowGood is an independent research organization dedicated to improving our food system by empowering shoppers to make more sustainable choices.

Look for our HowGood rating, Good, Great or Best on our shelves to find foods that are better for you, your family, and the world.
They partnered with farmers and food industry experts to develop a research framework to tell the story behind your food. HowGood’s research starts with the farmers who grow your food and follows every step on the path to your plate in order to assign each product a simple rating of Good, Great, or Best. They make it easy to find foods that are better for you, your family, and the world.

For more information, please download the How Good app on your phone.

Q & A with Michelle Kabler!

We had a chance to sit down with Michelle for a little Q & A and real talk: she’s loaded with tricks of the trade! Plus, her rainy-day snack advice it quite timely…
ET:  In your time as a chef, what’s your favorite veggie discovery?
MK:  Hands down: honeynut squash. It’s super sweet, has a saturated orange glow, and makes me feel fancy every time I cook with it.
ET:  We’ve all got one, so what’s your rainy day craving?
MK:  Homemade spiced popcorn for the win.  Snack-y and all the right flavors while still being healthy.
ET:  Do you have a “must know” kitchen trick to save space & time?
MK:  Cutting cherry tomatoes one-by-one takes forever, but this tip is a brilliant time-saver.  Sandwich a handful of cherry tomatoes between 2 round, plastic lids from your takeout containers, so that the circular lips hold those tomatoes in place.  Then use your chef’s knife to slice across in between the two lids.  You just scored yourself a whole lotta extra time for munching and living life.
ET:  Of anyone, ever, who would you want to cook a meal with & why?
MK:  My husband (so cheesy, but so true!)  We cook together often, and it’s my absolute favorite.  Since we’re both trained chefs, we can spend hours hosting dinner parties, testing recipes, and pushing each other to become better cooks, all while having the best time.  But if I had to choose a celebrity, Oprah is a close second. 🙂
Intrigued by her tips? Come hang with us Wednesday for more during Michelle’s Batch Cooking Basics!  Learn to simplify your cooking and sample two of her favorite recipes: Thai Carrot-Ginger Soup  and Herbed Tahini Veggie Cups.









Blue Ridge Bucha: Now on Tap!


Our friends formerly known as Barefoot have announced their new crowd sourced name as Blue Ridge Bucha! Owners Kate and Ethan recently rebranded as a result of a trademark dispute. What hasn’t changed: their commitment to their community and their craft. Come check out their new branding and flavors!

We are now serving Blue Ridge Bucha on tap at the Green & Grind juice and coffee bar.


Wooden Nickel Program


Ellwood’s Wooden Nickel Program is designed to help promote the recycling of shopping bags, by rewarding those customers who reuse their bags (paper, cloth or plastic). Customers now have the option to pass the money they save on grocery bags on to local charitable organizations!


When customers reuse shopping bags they are offered ten cents for every bag or two wooden nickels for the our Wooden Nickel charity program. Located at the front of the store at the Local Food Hub are two glass jars designated for specific local organizations. Customers deposit their wooden nickels into the jars. At the end of each quarter, the nickels are counted and the organizations receive a check for the collected amount.

Every three months we select two local organizations to be involved in our fundraising efforts. Due to the high volume of requests, and a limited amount of spaces on a quarterly basis, not all requests will be accommodated. Once all of your information has been received, we will contact you if we decide to move forward with your organization.

All organizations will be reviewed and announced before the beginning of each quarter and wooden nickels will start applying to the new organization on the first day of the following month. For every Ellwood’s wooden nickel that a customer donates to your organization, we give you a real nickel. It’s pretty simple and a great way to raise money and awareness for your organization. We ask that selected organizations invite members to get involved with our recycling program to increase the total contribution.

First Quarter Recipients:

UnBoundRVA is a Richmond-based non-profit organization that connects individuals from low-income communities to the resources, training, and the support needed to successfully launch, own, and operate new businesses. We aim to impact all of Richmond by empowering individuals through small business ownership to positively impact their families and their communities.

The RVA Environmental Film Festival was founded as “The Biggest Picture: Richmond’s First Environmental Film Festival” in 2008 and 2009. The festival’s goal is to offer entertaining and educational films that leave attendees with increased awareness of environmental issues that we face locally and globally. On February 6th – 12th, 2017, several local organizations will partner to present the Seventh Annual RVA Environ- mental Film Festival at several local venues. The festival will showcase local and national films selected to raise awareness of environmental issues relevant to the Richmond region, our nation, and our planet. This event is free and open to the public.


Email Colin Beirne at CBeirne@EllwoodThompsons.com for more info.

INTRODUCING // Ellwood’s Own Local Wines


Ellwood’s White, 2015


Our Ellwood’s White is an unfiltered, light, crisp wine. It is on the dry side with floral and citrus notes and lightly spiced undertones. This wine was selected for its balance between approachability and depth and complexity of flavor.

Ellwood’s Red, 2014


Our Ellwood’s Red is custom blended to showcase the aromatic intensity, depth of flavor, and elegant tannic structure of the Cabernet Franc and Merlot, while including a touch of lighter grapes to soften it and make approachable on its own. The dark fruit, tobacco spice and silky tannins make this wine enjoyable with or without food.

NEW ITEM // Vegtabowl Foods


Ebony & Harry Wyatt started Vegtabowl Foods a little over a year ago in June of 2015. They have been developing reciepes with family and friends for about six years. The idea behind Vegtabowls is to help folks reduce meat consumption in a healthy, DELICIOUS way. Ebony is a vegetarian and Harry is a flexitarian.  A semi-vegetarian or flexitarian diet is one that is plant-based with the occasional inclusion of meat products. Flavors come in Moroccan Vegetable, Vegan Mac & Cheese, Vegan White Chixen Chili and more!

The containers come in sizes that can feed the whole family, so come enjoy some plant-based eating!