Flatbreads in The Beet!

SPECIAL FLATBREAD HAPPY HOUR: $2 OFF all flatbreads Thursday & Friday from 4 – 7PM


The most exotic flavors are built around just a few simple, whole ingredients. With that in mind, our chef created these flatbreads, celebrating real, nutrient- dense plant-based foods.

We source every ingredient according to the same values and standards we apply to everything at Ellwood Thompson’s: local and organic first, never any GMOs, and with special consideration given to our vegan and gluten-free friends.

In the kitchen, we build every flatbread upon a 100% organic crust (traditional or gluten-free), starting with one of our own house-made sauces. We then layer with fresh vegetables and toppings, before baking just enough to toast the edges.

We’re proud to share the simple goodness with you!

Starting this Thursday, March 15th, enjoy flatbread service at the bar in The Beet! Try the full menu for yourself while sipping a happy hour craft beverage to live tunes.

From there, order your favorite flatbread(s) in The Beet every Thursday through Sunday, from 4 to 9PM.

See the full menu HERE — or better yet, see you Thursday!

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