Simple Tips: How to Maintain Adequate Protein Intake + 5 plant based options

Throughout the year, our diet can feel like it’s in a state of constant transition. With increased exercise and movement in the Summer (more energy!), cravings for soups and stews and grounding foods in the fall, and holiday havoc on our nutrition goals, it’s difficult to maintain a balance between what we know we need and what life has in store. One thing that should remain constant (although rarely does) is our attention to maintain adequate protein intake throughout the day as our lifestyle or diet changes for whatever reason. This is an area so many people struggle, and they show up with the symptoms to prove it. Continue reading

Local LOVE Hub

We are transforming our Local Food Hub (aka Community Bulletin Board) into our annual LOCAL LOVE HUB!

Share the love with a fellow customer or steward. The valentines will be located at the Customer Service desk. Side note: We are selling our house-made valentines in packets of 5 and 10.


Love your friends & family at Ellwood’s!

Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two!

Give your sweet the gift of a romantic dinner for two!

Pick your entree (which serves 2) and the price includes one starch and one vegetable (both of which serves 2). You get to mix and match which starch and vegetable comes with your entree. Wine pairing suggestions included which you can find in the store.

The meals are precooked, all you have to do is rewarm.

Get yours at the deli counter or in our grab & go, Monday, February 12th – Wednesday, February 14th*.

*No preorders