4 Delicious Herbal Tea’s to Get You Through Winter

The cold of winter has officially settled in for the long haul, and staying warm is a challenge for many folks who find the cold, dampness of winter challenging. Winter is the ultimate season for herbal tea, and not only are hot herbal teas grounding and warming for the body, they also carry some powerful medicinal properties and nutrient support during the most energetically challenging season of the year. The ritual of drinking herbal tea carries a strong emotional component as well as a permission to slow down and sync with the grounding, hibernating
season that is winter. Sipping warm beverages (even just warm lemon water!), can enhance circulation, support healthy digestion, and calm the nervous system just with the simple act of taking a moment to sip consciously.

Here are four of my favorite herbal teas to indulge in for winter time, all found at your local health food store.

Holy Basil (Tulsi) Tea. Holy basil is one of the most delicious, aromatic and energetically uplifting herbal teas, and absolutely perfect for those folks who really feel the winter blues settle in around February. Tulsi, a traditional Ayurvedic herb often consumed during celebratory occasions, is a beautiful and very spiritual botanical in the mint family. It’s adaptogenic qualities help to support the endocrine system, especially the adrenal glands, and I often recommend it for folks who are feeling spiritually murky or a little apathetic emotionally. It’s like a hug in a cup – something we can all use in the dead of winter.

Nighty Night Tea. This a simple and effective nighttime tea to help wind down from the day and encourage restful sleep. With gentle herbs like linden, chamomile and passionflower, this blend helps to calm the nervous system and ease the mind into a restful calm. Also, having an evening tea time ritual is incredibly therapeutic as we turn off screens, get cozy with a book and a warm blanket and sip on a warm night time blend. All of these little practices help the body transition into a restful place, and getting quality sleep in the winter time is absolutely essential!

Bronchial Wellness Tea. Winter is the hardest season for the lungs, with the damp cold air and circulating flu and bugs – this is the time of year when our bronchioles and lungs can use the most support. I love using this tea for both preventative AND acute issues of the lungs. It’s a
deliciously aromatic formula with eucalyptus and peppermint, along with soothing licorice and anti-viral thyme. Having 1 cup of this daily from January – March is a wonderful way to support lung health, and if you have a cold or flu you can increase to 3 cups per day for acute support.

Gypsy Cold Care. I never let this run out in my tea cupboard! Gypsy Cold Care has been a tried and true herbal tea formula for me for at least a decade. It’s my favorite winter tea to keep on hand for colds and bugs or just feeling under the weather for any reason. This is a soothing blend of elderflower, yarrow & peppermint that help to push pathogens out of the body gently, with supportive circulatory stimulating herbs cinnamon, ginger and clove to increase body temperate slightly and get that lymph moving! I make 4-5 cups a day of this when I come down with a cold and add a hearty squeeze of lemon.

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