Get to Know: Sara McGlothlin, Holistic Health Coach

On the Ellwood Thompson’s Health Team, we have a small number of health coaches who we feel really embody the values of Ellwood Thompson’s including local food advocacy, holistic nutrition and community focused health. Sara is one of these fantastic health coaches, offering her expertise not only as an Institute for Integrative Nutrition trained health coach, but as a gifted fitness instructor, engaging health teacher and recipe developer. I’ve had the pleasure of taking several of Sara’s Barre classes and they’re absolutely amazing! Her nourishing recipes and daily inspiration for clean eating are so inspiring, and it’s clear that she has a gift for partnering with others to find alignment in their health journey and setting them up for sustainable success. She has a deep passion to help others reach their individual health goals, one step at a time, and works in partnership with her clients to make their goals a reality. Continue reading

4 Delicious Herbal Tea’s to Get You Through Winter

The cold of winter has officially settled in for the long haul, and staying warm is a challenge for many folks who find the cold, dampness of winter challenging. Winter is the ultimate season for herbal tea, and not only are hot herbal teas grounding and warming for the body, they also carry some powerful medicinal properties and nutrient support during the most energetically challenging season of the year. The ritual of drinking herbal tea carries a strong emotional component as well as a permission to slow down and sync with the grounding, hibernating
season that is winter. Sipping warm beverages (even just warm lemon water!), can enhance circulation, support healthy digestion, and calm the nervous system just with the simple act of taking a moment to sip consciously. Continue reading