The Happiness Series: Zip Your Inner Critic



Tuesday,  September 26th / 6:30 to 7:30PM


The Beet at Ellwood Thompson’s

About This Class

You talk to yourself constantly, am I right?  We all do.  And what you say matters.  Too often, that voice in your head is the voice of criticism, telling you things that disempower and immobilize you.  If you allow it to chatter away unchecked, it has the power to produce anxiety and even depression that can rob you of a happy and fulfilled life.  With relatable and personable approach, Vernon Brown shares his stories of worry, confusion and happiness in this class, Zip Your Inner Critic.  It is all about embracing your humanity and using that understanding to show up in life happier and more successful.

 With his humorous and entertaining approach, Vernon will explore:

  • How life can create habits that effect your inner conversation in a negative way
  • Acknowledge that life is pushing you to be more critical and less accepting
  • How use the same thoughts that say “What is wrong” to say “How does this help?”

He points out the significance of not taking yourself too seriously and to appreciate life even in the less than happy moments.  Join Vernon for a potentially life-altering presentation as he demonstrates how to:

  • Spot the signs when your inner critic gets the best of you and affects your quality of life.
  • Lower the volume—or completely quiet—the criticism and negativity, replacing it with uplifting and energizing thoughts.
  • Implement simple activities to train your brain not to go on auto pilot where the inner critic lives.

The Happiness Series

The Happiness Series is a four-part class series consisting of four conversations positioned around four significant pillars of personal happiness.

Having coached over 10,000 people in the past four years, Vernon puts together practical methods to increase personal happiness.  Streamlined into 45-minute bite sized portions that embrace laughter, positive thinking, exercise, and inspiration, The Happiness Series gives light to the possibility that we can be healthy people living versus healthy people surviving.

People are more than the struggles they deal with.  Vernon talks with those who are challenged, and together he helps people get the life they never dreamed possible started for them.  Then he keeps the momentum going in that direction.  With support, confidentiality, and no judgment, Vernon opens the door to the possibilities.

About Vernon Brown

Vernon Brown is a happiness and success coach and owner of What’s Your Happi, a hands-on life coaching practice designed around an individual’s true happiness. Vernon works with people to improve their confidence and self-worth, personal relationships, career changes, health, managing stress & frustrations, and working towards to change in order to create a more purposeful living that is unique to each individual.  Visit his website to learn more here.


Each class in this series is $30 on it own, but a discount is offered with each additional class purchased.  Get your ticket(s) here.

1 Class: $20 | 2 Classes: $45 | 3 Classes: $60 | Full Series: $85


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