Batch Cooking Basics with Michelle Kabler



Monday,  September 25th / 6:00 to 7:30PM


The Beet at Ellwood’s


Michelle Kabler is back and hosting her next class in The Beet: Batch Cooking Basics! If you’re down to simplify your kitchen routine and embrace a healthier you, this is your class. Check out Michelle’s blog and you’ll see a lot of tips centered around this wellness hack, and for good reason! She believes batch cooking is your blueprint to a healthy, vibrant life.

Per Michelle’s wisdom: “You are busy, you are awesome, you are out in the world rocking at life. Cook once a week and you’re set-up for anything life throws your way. Look at it like this: when you consider your lifelong longevity, a few short hours once a week will actually add years to your life, so what may feel like a time investment now is actually buying you time to live the life you love long term. It’s a no brainer.” And we think she makes a great point.

As if that wasn’t enough, prepare your taste-buds. Michelle will demo, sample, and provide recipe cards for a few of her favorite, game changing recipes!


About Michelle Kabler

Michelle Kabler is a Certified Natural Foods Chef and Food Coach on a mission to support busy professionals in learning how to cook healthy meals for themselves. After years of bingeing, dieting, and a stressful career, she embarked on a quest to heal her own health struggles. Her turning point? Learning to cook for herself. Since completing the Chef’s Training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, she continues helping burned out women nourish themselves daily. Her message is simple: healthy starts in the kitchen, cooking for yourself is essential to becoming healthy, and batch cooking is the solution to making it work. Michelle can be found dishing healthy tips in her YouTube series, Michelle’s Minutes, coaching one-on- one clients, providing healthy meal delivery, and on


$10 | RSVP in advance here or at Customer Service!



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