Zero Waste Living


Discuss with us the what, why and how of the zero waste movement and living more sustainably!


Monday, July 31st / 6:30 to 8:00 PM


Laura Bittner, reporter and Sierra Club volunteer, is a journalist from Florida.  Her passion lies in informing the public about environmental and animal-related issues.  She has written for the Citrus County Chronicle, RVA Mag, Richmond Magazine, Punknews, The Dominion Collective and Courthouse News.  Her interest in zero waste stems from her love for nature.  Laura is also a vegetarian and has two rescue cats – Houdini and Saison.

Erica Wells is a registered dietitian and blogger behind “A Waste Not Kind Of Life.”  This Richmond native embarked on a journey towards a zero waste lifestyle earlier this year in response to the environmental destruction that is being caused by overconsumption.  She’s a wife and mother to a vivacious toddler with whom she enjoys sharing her love of nature and the outdoors.


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Anxiety & Depression: Natural Solutions to a Modern Epidemic



4th offering, back by popular demand | Wednesday, July 26th | 6:30 to 8:00PM


The Beet at Ellwood Thompson’s


2016-6-10-dr-smithhead-shots-large-cropped-version11Mark S. Smith, DC, DABCN has been in practice for 40 years.  He is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and practitioner of Functional Medicine with a special interest in nutrition and neurologic disorders.  His passion is to find the underlying health issues that may be causing the condition rather than simply masking the problems.  While controlling symptoms is important, finding out why you have them is even more fundamental to long term health improvement.  Thus, emphasis is on the body as an integrated system and the mind-body-spirit connection.  This holistic and integrated approach is at the heart of brain health optimization and restoration.


There are many beliefs, rumors, stigmas, and sources of misinformation around anxiety and depression. But there is one thing that we can agree upon: it is a modern day health epidemic.   Through Dr. Smith’s talk, you’ll learn how depression and anxiety can actually be a form of physical illness that results in brain inflammation and functional alterations in the brain’s ability to work correctly, which can then manifest as myriad of brain symptoms.  Join us to learn the causes of brain inflammation and what to do about it!


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Family Meal Planning with Thrive 4 Mom


Monday, July 24th / 6:30 to 8:00PM


Join Kelly Nentwich, owner and founder of Thrive4Mom Nutrition Consulting, in The Beet to discuss life hacks for successfully feeding your family healthy meals with ease and consistency!

Learn why meal planning is the secret to successfully feeding your family healthy meals and leave with Thrive4Mom’s top 5 organizational tips and shortcuts to make meal planning a breeze.

Come hungry to try delicious healthy treats from Thrive4Mom’s recipe collection!


This class is $10 for one person, or bring a friend at $5 each.   RSVP’s are required so click HERE to register!


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Summer Seasonal Recipe Roundup

If there’s ever a season to enjoy the abundance of fresh produce – summertime is it! It seems like every week I go into Ellwood Thompsons or visit my local farmers market and there are new fruits and veggies to try and I’m never at a loss for recipes this time of year. I truly love the practice seasonal eating and encouraging others to find ways to incorporate their CSA’s and local produce onto their daily plates. It’s a beautiful feeling of connection with the season and with the farms and gardens that nourish us – plus the more seasonally you eat, the more you can support your local farms! Below are some of my favorite seasonal recipes to incorporate the delicious and nutrient dense bounty that summer has to offer in some creative and simple ways! Continue reading

Viva la Vegan!

The Scoop

Join us on the patio during our Thursday Happy Hour for an evening of music, brews, free plant-based samples, local advocacy organizations and partners, networking and general celebration of our plant-powered goodness!  This local vendor fair is for the love of plants, animals, humans and our planet.  If you are on board with that, we’d love to see you there!


Thursday, July 20th  //  5 to 7PM  //  On our patio & in The Beet











Vegan Action

Richmond Vegetarian Society

Food Not Bombs Richmond Chapter

Root Force Vegan Fitness & Personal Training

Samples and Snacks by local vendors:

No Bull Burger


Pasta Valente

Health Warrior

Blueridge Bucha

Pastry Base

Ellwood Thompson’s Catering

Bluegrass jam tunes provided by Charles Arthur and Co!


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Harness Your Fat-Burning Hormones


Tuesday, August 18th / 6:30 to 7:30pm in The Beet


Dr. Kranski specializes in helping people with resistant belly fat.  He explains particular body shape characteristics and how your metabolic rate is controlled by hormones, which are influenced by what you eat and how a person exercises.  His approach to weight loss is very different from most of the other thoughts on losing weight.  The problem is not the weight, it is health – specifically, hormone health.  Fat is lost or gained in direct relation to the healthiness of your hormones And hormones control metabolism, which then cause fat-burning effects.  Each of the six fat-burning hormones has specific triggers to burn fat.
This seminar will give you essential insights into the nature of and strategies for handling the different body types and how each one stores and burns fat.

Registered participants will learn:

  1. The main reason why most people have a difficult time getting into fat-burning mode, despite diet & exercise efforts
  2. The “four body types” and how they indicate various hormone dysfunctions
  3. Strategies to get rid of belly fat, including a full understanding of the activation-recovery cycles of exercise
  4. What potential imbalances a body could have based on particular cravings and how to reduce cravings for unhealthy things
  5. How to avoid a weight plateau within the first two weeks of any weight loss program
  6. Three foods to avoid that nullify fat-burning hormones
  7. The single biggest mistake people make while exercising, which slows the fat-burning process
  8. The menopausal connection to weight loss


Dr. Klinton J. Kranski, DC, ACN is a chiropractor and applied clinical nutritionist who has extensive training in weight loss through nutritional supplementation and natural methods.  He has delivered over 400 seminars in the past seven years to a wide variety of groups.  His private practice includes high-level executives, scientists, doctors, engineers, professors, and others from all walks of life.  He has treated thousands of patients dealing with weight, restless sleep and chronic pain.


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BOOK CLUB: ‘Hands Off My Food’ with author Dr. Sina McCullough


Monday,  July 17th / 6:30 to 7:30pm / The Beet at Ellwood’s


Our book club is back, and with a local author no less!

We are delighted to welcome back Dr. Sina McCullough, for a community conversation and discussion of her new book, Hands Off My Food! How government & industry have corrupted our food & easy ways to fight back


Book Description

Americans have stopped being watchdogs over their food supply. Roughly 100 years ago, with the birth of the FDA, we handed that responsibility to the government and the food industry.  They, in turn, have fundamentally transformed our food supply and it’s making us sick, including our children.  Not only are we losing our health to food-related illnesses like cancer and heart disease, we are losing our freedom.  Did you know that the government and the food industry have already chosen your dinner for you?  In fact, the government nudges you to pick the foods they want you to eat.  They’ve been doing it your whole life.

In Hands Off My Food! Dr. McCullough, an expert in Nutrition, walks you through the truth behind what’s currently in our food and how it got there.  You may be surprised to learn that our food system is not designed to protect our long-term health.  Both the food industry and the government have played a major role in the demise of our food supply, but they are not the root of the problem.  Dr. McCullough reveals who is ultimately responsible for the adulteration of our food and how each of us has the power to restore the integrity of the food we eat by taking back our consent.  Together we can reclaim our voice by becoming the watchdogs we were meant to be.  It’s easier than you might think!

About Dr. McCullough

Despite receiving her Ph.D. in Nutrition from the University of California at Davis, she developed an autoimmune disease from eating food.  Fortunately, Dr. McCullough was able to not only reverse her disease but to also launch a near 5-year investigation into our food supply.  Hands Off My Food! reveals what she discovered i.e. the truth about what’s really in our food, how it got there, and what we can do about it.  It provides easy, free market solutions for how we can restore the integrity of the food we eat and reclaim the freedoms we have lost. All we have to do is take back our consent!


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Bluegrass Jam Brunch!

Sunday | July 16th | 11AM to 2PM
Jam, brunch, hang, chat and chill to the tunes of Django Tango, featuring locally grown Gypsy Jazz from Russ Hanchin, James Carrington Beard and Carter Blough!
Bring your best produce-picking basket to visit Amy’s Garden Pop-Up Farmers Market on our patio too from 12 to 4PM.  She’ll be here with her stunning array of certified organic, local produce and cut flowers, which are nothing short of perfection.
To top it off, 5% of all sales this Sunday will go directly to our friends at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, including the sales from Amy’s Garden‘s pop-up farmers market!