Introducing Foodwaze’s Real Food Loyalty Program!

What is Foodwaze?

Foodwaze is based in Charlottesville, with their mission being to help consumers find the best sources of real, regenerative food at restaurants, cafes, markets, farms, and more.  Foodwaze produces an online and mobile food guide that curates and rates businesses based on their commitment to a local regenerative food system.  Founder Michael Reilly is an expert in regenerative food systems and all things health related.  (You might recognize him from our cafe, having an Earth Bowl from Create as he passes through town.)

For more on their mission & daily content, their Instagram and website are great resources!

What is this ‘Real Food Loyalty Program’?

The Foodwaze Real Food Loyalty Program (“Loyalty Program”) is an initiative managed by Foodwaze LLC to promote a healthier food system and encourage consumers to choose the best places to eat. Members of the Loyalty Program receive 10% off their purchase at participating Foodwaze businesses.

I like sounds of that! How do I receive the benefits?

We’re glad you asked.  Here are the details:

  1. Sign-up for a Foodwaze Membership by paying $2.99 per month. (Please note that it is a website membership, so app users please go to our website at to become a member.)
  2. Save significantly by receiving 10% off at participating Foodwaze businesses.
  3. Once you become a member and are logged in to Foodwaze, it is very simple to activate your discounts, and the app will walk you through it.

Things to Know:

  1. Discounts are currently limited to one per business per 30 days.
  2. Participating businesses reserve the right to limit or exclude certain items or require a minimum purchase.  Currently, alcohol sales will generally be excluded from the discount.
  3. Business participating in the Loyalty Program are doing so voluntarily.  There are NO financial or monetary promises or guarantees to, by, or between Foodwaze and/or the Participating Business.  This allows Foodwaze to maintain the integrity of its mission, which is identifying and listing businesses based only on the merits of their practices.
  4. Foodwaze makes no promises, guarantees, or warrantees regarding any transaction Foodwaze Members makes at Participating Businesses.

Check on their website for more details and participating businesses!

What is Ellwood’s offer?

Once every thirty days, you will be eligible for 10% off your final bill, pre-tax, excluding Beer & Wine and Meat & Seafood items.*

*These terms & exclusions are subject to change and may not be combined with certain other offers.




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