REGENERATIVE FOOD: Connecting Soil & Gut Health


Monday, June 19th / 6:30 to 7:30PM


We’re a culture that’s become consumed by technology and innovation.  While human ingenuity has its place, it can’t compare to the power of natural systems when it comes to solving our health and environmental woes.  Nature is not flawed, it just sometimes needs a balance check.  Join Michael Reilly, founder of Foodwaze, and Emma Moyer, founder of Brewed Well, as they discuss the principles of regeneration and restoration through real food.

Topics to be discussed…
  • What regeneration means and how it’s similar or different to terms like organic and sustainable.
  • Why soil and your gut matter above all else.
  • How fermented foods and beverages, like water kefir, can help store your gut health and bring vitality to your life
  • How to navigate our food system and support better choices for you, your family, and the future of our planet


Foodwaze is based in Charlottesville, with their mission being to help consumers find the best sources of real regenerative food at restaurants, cafes, markets, farms, and more.  Foodwaze produces an online and mobile food guide that curates and rates businesses based on their commitment to a local regenerative food system.  Founder Michael Reilly is an expert in regenerative food systems and all things health related.

Brewed Well is a small, Hanover-based business with a mission to restore gut health to all using Mother Nature alone.  Founder Emma Moyer is a certified health coach and nutrition specialist also working on her registered herbalist certification.  She makes one of the only raw, wild-fermented water kefirs available!  And it just so happens that bottles will be available for purchase at this class…


FREE, but you will need to reserve your seat here!


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