Travel Well: 3 Products to Keep in Your Carry On

It’s that time. Vacations and extra travel are upon us and even though it’s nearly summer, it’s still just as easy to catch a cold or a bug when we’re on vacation. In fact when we travel we’re almost twice as likely to catch a cold or illness (even in the summer!) due to several reasons. 1. We’re exposed to new pathogens or allergens usually from a new population of people, eating out more and being in contact with more germs/pollutants than usual. 2. Our immune system is more taxed due to the exposure of these things. 3. Our endocrine system – especially our adrenal glands – can become fatigued more quickly due to the increase in activity and also increase in immune function. All this to say – definitely go on your vacations. And while you’re packing, you may want to tuck in a few whole-body supporting products just in case you start to feel run down. Here are a couple that I’ve found most beneficial time and time again, and are really ideal for any season – not just in the summer.

  1. Immune Zoom – this is an excellent small sized supplement to keep with you to use at the very first sign of a cold. This formula is packed with immune stimulating herbs and also diaphoretic herbs (increases heat and body temperature) to help push pathogens out of the body at the very first sign of illness creeping in. With elderberry, echinacea , raw honey and cayenne – it’s extremely effective to boost your immune system at the initial stages of a cold. NOTE: If you can’t travel with liquids, Lymphatonic is an herbal immune stimulating formula in capsule form that’s also effective.
  2. Probiotics – When we travel we are often eating out for at least one meal during the day, and when we’re eating foods from different places and kitchens, we’re being exposed to lots of potential pathogens. Increasing your daily intake of probiotics can help the gut build up it’s defenses and resilience against new and unfamiliar things while also helping to maintain a healthy digestion. When traveling, look for shelf stable probiotics with at least 10 billion potency at 8-15 different strains including Lactobacillus varieties and Bifidobacterium.
  3. Chamomile – The simple, unassuming and powerfully strong herbal nervine that we all need when we travel. Traveling is stressful (even if you’re on vacation), and even if we’re subconsciously stressed, our central nervous system feels the effects and can become taxed and fatigued. Supplementing with nervine herbs like chamomile help the body to calm the central nervous system, soothe digestion, relax the mind and generally give us that feeling like we just took a 30 minute nap. I always recommend folks travel with chamomile because it’s easy and safe to take, and the whole family can use it. I find that the tincture works very well and quickly, however if you can’t travel with liquid, you can always take a few tea bags and ask for a cup of hot water almost anywhere and still get excellent results with the tea.

If you’re planning a trip and need more specific recommendations about what may work for you and your family to keep you healthy, schedule a health coaching appointment with me on an upcoming Thursday evening. Email to get started!


Lindsay Kluge M.Sc, CNS, LDN |

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