Seasonal Eating: Decoded!


Wednesday, June 7th / 6:00 to 7:30PM


The Beet at Ellwood’s


Join Kelly Sherman, acupuncturist and holistic nutritionist, and Michelle Kabler, healthy cooking expert, as they join forces to dish on everything you need to know about seasonal eating — why it’s important, how you can use the seasons to achieve your highest vitality, and what to eat for this summer season.  Come ready to soak up tons of information and try seasonal food samples — leave with realistic strategies and recipes to achieving your optimal health!

We’re already getting giddy just thinking about the vibes and knowledge that will be circulating that evening…  In the meantime, learn more about Michelle here and gal pal Kelly Sherman of Wax and Wane Wellness here!

About Michelle Kabler

Michelle Kabler is a Certified Natural Foods Chef and Food Coach on a mission to support busy professionals in learning how to cook healthy meals for themselves.  After years of bingeing, dieting, and a stressful career, she embarked on a quest to heal her own health struggles.  Her turning point?  Learning to cook for herself. Since completing the Chef’s Training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, she continues helping burned out women nourish themselves daily.  Her message is simple: healthy starts in the kitchen, cooking for yourself is essential to becoming healthy, and batch cooking is the solution to making it work.  Michelle can be found dishing healthy tips in her YouTube series, Michelle’s Minutes, coaching one-on-one clients, providing healthy meal delivery, and on

Check out Michelle’s blog and you’ll see a lot of tips centered around this wellness hack, and for good reason!  She believes batch cooking is your blueprint to a healthy, vibrant life.

About Kelly Sherman

Kelly Sherman L.Ac., CHN received her Master of Acupuncture studying Classical Chinese Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine while concurrently completing her certification as a Holistic Nutritionist at the Wellspring School of Healing Arts, both located in Portland, OR.  Now, as a Licensed Acupuncturist in Richmond, VA and founder of Wax and Wane Wellness, her passion is helping patients to integrate the wisdom of the traditional healing arts into today’s fast paced lifestyle and modern approach to healthcare.  Areas of specialty include stress management, anxiety/depression, fatigue, chronic pain, food sensitivities, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, and menstrual irregularities.  Recently, Kelly has also announced Wax and Wane’s partnership with Boketto Wellness Boutique to expand her services in their new, beautiful fan location!


$10 a ticket or 2 for $15 (because the more the merrier, right?)

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