Get Ready, Get Set, Get Healthy! Spring Reset Program with Happy Body Wellness



Monday, May 1st / 6:30 to 7:30PM


The Beet at Ellwood Thompson’s


Get Ready, Get Set, Get Healthy!

Ready for a reset?  Let a group of wellness professionals lead you through a seminar addressing all of the components of your life in need of the most revival this Spring: nutrition, fitness, stress, and rest.  The HBW dietitians will lead an interactive lecture on how to reset your nutrition without dieting but by making healthy, nutrient-rich food choices and limiting those food options that often leave us feeling bogged down with digestion disruption.  We will outline and review the details of the 10 day reset program to ensure you are set up for success and help the group with a plan of attack to get started.

Samantha Anderson, certified massage therapist, will provide resources on how you can reduce your daily stress while showing different ways to self-manage the pain of tired and worn out body parts.  Certified personal trainers will provide information on how you can stay active throughout the day and will demonstrate exercises beneficial for all types of people, and lastly a yoga professional will explain how breath and mindfulness can aid us in our efforts to become more relaxed and restful.


$5 | REGISTER HERE | Learn more about full spring program offering here


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