Hello Hydration! with Dr. Marlisa Hurt



Wednesday, April 26th / 6:00 to 8:00pm in The Beet


Hydration: Your number one ally to help you #fightright—whether the inflammation you’re fighting is in the form of cancer, chronic headaches or fatigue, or abnormal fat storage and suppressed metabolism—understanding Cellular Hydration is the key to your way OUT, and onto healing your body!

It’s not just getting *enough* fluids that shifts your inflammatory gauges away from the danger zone of pain and disease.  Transporting nutrients, protecting cells from environmental toxins in common water and flushing toxins out are critical roles that purified water offers.  With 75% of your body being comprised of water, it’s vital to have the highest quality water empowering your cells to make your #fightright!

Please join Dr. Marlisa Hurt as she presents how pure water reduces cancer risks, understand the threats in bottled water and EPA-approved municipal tap water, and hear from special guest and frequent speaker from The Truth About Cancer’s stage: Paul Barratierro, CEO of ECHO Water Ionizer, as he teaches the empowering message of Healing with Hydrogen-infused purified water.

Taste and feel what healing water can do for you.  Bonus: each participant will leave with a jar of infused hydrogen water!


Marlisa J. Hurt, PhD in Anti-Aging Medicine  |  Dr. Hurt is a clinical restorative nutritionist who also works in research and development for nutritional supplement providers. She has presented at GI conferences, nutritional conferences, and Dr. Hurt is a Board member as well as the Education Director for the local cancer prevention organization Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2).

Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2) is a Richmond-based cancer prevention organization which focuses on providing awareness raising events, prevention education, colorectal cancer early detection services, and support for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.


$10 donation to Hitting Cancer Below the Belt.  HCB2 is a local 501(c)3 non profit organization based in Richmond VA and serves the local community.

HELLO, HYDRATION! with Dr. Marlisa Hurt


Email thebeet@ellwoodthompsons.com!



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