Harness Your Fat-Burning Hormones


Tuesday, April 11th / 6:30 to 7:30pm in The Beet


Dr. Kranski specializes in helping people with resistant belly fat.  He explains particular body shape characteristics and how your metabolic rate is controlled by hormones, which are influenced by what you eat and how a person exercises.  His approach to weight loss is very different from most of the other thoughts on losing weight.  The problem is not the weight, it is health – specifically, hormone health.  Fat comes off in direct relation to the healthiness of your hormones.  Hormones control metabolism, which then cause fat-burning effects.  Each of the six fat-burning hormones has specific triggers to burn fat.
His seminar will give you essential insights into the nature of and strategies for handling the different body types and how each one stores and burns fat.
Registered participants will learn:
  1. The four different body types and what is really behind each one
  2. The main reason why most people have a difficult time getting into fat-burning mode, despite lots of exercise and dieting; Strategies to get rid of belly fat, including a full understanding of the activation-recovery cycles of exercise; How to reduce cravings for the things that are unhealthy; Why many people plateau with their weight within the first two weeks of any program; The three things that nullify fat-burning hormones; The single biggest mistake people make while exercising, which slows the fat-burning process; What potential imbalances a body could have when it has particular cravings; The “drink more water” myth, and why drinking more water might not help you lose or burn fat; Why fat-making and fat-burning hormones look at calories differently; The menopausal connection to weight loss.


Dr. Klinton J. Kranski, DC, ACN is a chiropractor and applied clinical nutritionist who has extensive training in weight loss through nutritional supplementation and natural methods.  He has delivered over 400 seminars in the past seven years to a wide variety of groups.  His private practice includes high-level executives, scientists, doctors, engineers, professors, and others from all walks of life.  He has treated thousands of patients dealing with weight, restless sleep and chronic pain.


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