DIY Organic Lawn Care



Tuesday, March 21st | 6:30 to 7:30PM in The Beet


Project Green RVA | Project Green RVA is an organic-based lawn care  company in Richmond, VA with a dedication to sustainability, community, and quality.  They feel it is their duty to create a great looking lawn without harming our planet!


In a traditional lawn care program the grass is fed by synthetic fertilizers. Using synthetic fertilizers reduces the soil pH making nutrients unavailable to the plant. What these traditional programs are missing is the key to a healthy lawn is a healthy soil. With a healthy soil we reduce the amount of synthetic products needed to naturally achieve a healthy, lush lawn.

Join us in The Beet with green ambassadors Alex Kepner and Mark Tavares to learn about the 18 essential organic components that add and create a healthy soil. This brings Mother Nature back to the soil, creating a strong healthy plant. In return we get more drought and disease resistant plants with fewer weeds!


This class is FREE, but we ask that you register here!



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