Animal Abuse Is The Price Of Eating Most Affordable Meat. WARNING: DON’T READ IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN IGNORANT ON THIS TOPIC

Let’s just cut to the chase: factory farming is the single most organized system of animal cruelty and abuse devised by humans.  And the moral dilemma for many consumers is that they love their meat so much that ignoring the inhumanity inflicted on such animals makes it easier to eat them for food.

Chickens are abused before they go to your plate.

Cows are subject to “sadistic animal torture” by major food suppliers to fast food and cheese suppliers that workers are charged with criminal animal cruelty.

Pigs are not only brutally  beaten but in documented instances are butchered alive before they become ham and bacon.

These are not limited or unusual practices.  Instead, they are  well-documented and are considered as “good practices” by some in the factory farm industry.


However, factory farms don’t want you, the consumer, to know about such practices. Instead, like other government assaults on consumer transparency to know what we are eating, factory farms are trying to get our government to help them cover up these moral and serious problems with new so-called “Ag-Gag” Laws.

According to Rolling Stone, “Ag-Gag,” or farm protection, laws are a controversial wave of pro-agribusiness state-sponsored bills aimed at silencing animal-abuse whistle-blowers. Six states (Kansas, North Dakota, Montana, Missouri, Iowa and Utah) currently have Ag-Gag laws in place, and 11 more introduced similar farm-protection bills this year. Nearly all modeled themselves on portions of “The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act” drafted by the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Agribusiness employees contributed $91 million to candidates in last year’s elections, while lobbying by agriculture interests rose from $112 million in 2007 to $138 million in 2012.

The ASPCA publishes a list of states who have introduced “Ag-Gag” laws.


The truth of behind the meat from factory farm is undeniable. It can only be suppressed as evidenced by “Ag-Gag” laws and the convenient desire of consumers to ignore such truth behind the meat on their plate. Only consumers can change this inhumanity with the choice of what they eat on their plates.


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