Anxiety & Depression: Natural Solutions for a Modern Epidemic



Tuesday, January 24th | 6:30 to 8:00PM


The Beet at Ellwood Thompson’s


2016-6-10-dr-smithhead-shots-large-cropped-version11Mark S. Smith, DC, DABCN has been in practice for 40 years.  He is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and practitioner of Functional Medicine with a special interest in nutrition and neurologic disorders.  His passion is to find the underlying health issues that may be causing the condition rather than simply masking the problems.  While controlling symptoms is important, finding out why you have them is even more fundamental to long term health improvement.  Thus, emphasis is on the body as an integrated system and the mind-body-spirit connection.  This holistic and integrated approach is at the heart of brain health optimization and restoration.


There are many beliefs, rumors, stigmas, and sources of misinformation around anxiety and depression. But there is one thing that we can agree upon: it is a modern day health epidemic.   Through Dr. Smith’s talk, you’ll learn how depression and anxiety can actually be a form of physical illness that results in brain inflammation and functional alterations in the brain’s ability to work correctly, which can then manifest as myriad of brain symptoms.  Join us to learn the causes of brain inflammation and what to do about it!


$5 donation benefiting ChildSavers



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