Entertaining: Inspiration for Your Wine & Cheese Pairings



Wednesday, November 9th | 6:30 to 7:30PM


Over the last decade and a half, Dany Schutte’s culinary journey has taken her through Austin, TX; San Francisco, CA and back home to Richmond, VA. Working for places like HEB’s Central Market, Whole Foods Market, Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market and Southern Season. Dany tested for and achieved her Certified Cheese Professional Certification in 2013, placing her into an elite but growing set within the cheese industry. She has taught yearly at the Virginia Wine Expo for the past four years along with a dozen or so venues over the same course of time. She brings passion for cheese, adventurous pairings, and the spirit of being a Virginian to everything she does.


Join Dany Schutte, Certified Cheese Professional for an hour of sampling & discussion of Wine and Cheese designed to inspire your own events for the Holidays. We will discuss ways to spice up your cheese tray or course, talk about what to look for in flavor pairings. Expect to taste 5 paired combinations of wine and cheese, with accompaniments.



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Entertaining: Inspiration for your Wine & Cheese Pairings


Email Taylor at trichardson@ellwoodthompsons.com or cchristensen@ellwoodthompsons.com!

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