Blanchard’s Coffee Slow Bar



A collaboration with Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co. and their pretty rad team of roasters, brewers, movers and shakers.

You may already love their coffee from our Green & Grind (we use their beans exclusively) or from the shelves in our Bulk department, where you can grab a bag of your favorite roast for home.  Now, we’re offering another way to enjoy their craft coffee & learn about their rad-ness first hand, with pour overs at the bar in The Beet, every Friday starting September 9th!


Starting Friday, September 9th, from 8am to 10am


The bar in The Beet at Ellwood Thompson’s


Slow down with a hand pour of Blanchard‘s Coffee Roasting Co.’s signature single origin coffees.  Pour overs highlight the fine qualities of the coffee been, allowing you to taste the flavor profiles in an amplified way.  Blanchard’s will feature their newest coffees and share with you the story behind the bean, including the farmers and communities they support through their sourcing.
$3.99 per pour over.

Want to let us know you’re coming?

Not that you have to, but if you want to, let us know your coming. (Thanks, Facebook events!)


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