What’s With Wheat? Film Screening + Discussion with Guerrilla Wellness



Wednesday, September 28th / 6:00 to 8:00PM


The Beet at Ellwood’s


Why have we become so wheat intolerant?

‘What’s With Wheat?’ documentary investigates the growing epidemic of wheat intolerance and why after eating wheat for thousands of years, it has been linked to so many health problems.

Join Kelly as she breaks down the newest food documentary, What’s With Wheat, that covers all things, you guessed it, wheat.  From it’s early beginnings to it’s nearly unrecognizable modern form and everything in between, this film features industry experts that help us understand the rise of wheat, sensitivities, celiac disease, health implications, myths and more.

Kelly will offer her unique perspective through her & her family’s personal trials and tribulations with gluten.  She’ll empower you to make small, manageable changes in your life that will have you feeling better and more prepared to take ownership of your health like never before.


Kelly Nentwich, CHC, CN, AADP | Owner/Founder/Health Coach Guerrilla-Wellness, LLC

Kelly Nentwich is a nutritionist and certified health coach and founder + owner of Guerrilla-Wellness, LLC (www.guerrilla-wellness.com).

After successfully changing her own health and her family’s health she is on a mission to educate and inspire other women to take back their own health too.

Kelly’s education and real world experience, over the last twelve years, has equipped her with extensive knowledge in nutrition, holistic wellness and preventative health.  Drawing on these skills and knowledge she works with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

When she’s not passionately creating change in her community you can find her enjoying yoga, hiking, running, biking and cooking.  She enjoys these activities with her amazing husband and three teenagers.




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