Visit to the Farnsworth Museum

When I was in Rockland, Maine recently I toured the Farnsworth Museum there. Even though it’s known for its collection of Andrew Wyeth paintings, I was drawn to an exhibit by a Japanese photographer named Kurita. He recently had created a project called Beyond Spheres w/ photography focused around the idea “What if Henry David Thoreau was a photographer?” He describes the spheres that he’s trying to capture as land, water and air. In his book, “Walden”, Thoreau describes living life close to one’s natural environment.


Sense of place

The Farnsworth exhibit w/ photography and writings was beautifully executed. I love what was quoted on one panel.

“In a sense everything is connected in a relationship. Our current social environment is a competition for producing and circulating many products, while stripping the world of its resources. Our relationship to society and environment should not be a competition but a complimentary one, giving importance to harmony, and to a quiet and “simple shared habitat”. 

I was surprised to realize how close this describes what I believe. And that I found it unexpectedly in a museum on a lazy day walking in a little seaport town in Maine.

– Rick

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