Beginning the Birth Journey



Wednesday, August 3rd | 6:30 to 7:30PM


Corina Hossle | Founder, Clinical Director & Midwife | Embrace Midwifery Care & Birth Center

Embrace encourages, educates & empowers women to embrace a healthy pregnancy, a safe & gentle birth, & a peaceful transition to confident mothering.


Join us as we Begin the Birth Journey…

From Conscious Conception through the First Trimester, the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of both Mothers and Fathers impact their baby’s development and future…the cells that will create your baby are being nourished now!   Corina Hossle, Midwife and Birth Center Founder, will lead you through an informative and inspiring evening, giving you the tools you need to create an optimal pregnancy and birth.

While discussing the importance of preconception nutrition, we’ll cover simple and effective ways to increase your health.  Learn natural tricks to help you thrive— and not just survive, the physical changes and challenges of the first trimester.  Take away accurate and up-to-date information on the safety of herbs, homeopathics and essential oils during these critical first weeks of fetal development.

Partners are welcome!

About The Instructor

CorinaCorina Hossle | Founder, Clinical Director & Midwife

Corina ordered her first “How to Become a Midwife” book in 1992, but raising three children, homeschooling, and running several businesses got in the way of her dream.  At 42, with her kids leaving home and her life shifting, she decided to make the leap!

Corina doula’d her way through midwifery school, serving high risk mothers who were provided doulas for support.  She attended National Midwifery Institute, which is accredited by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Counsel.  She passed her North American Registry of Midwives test in 2012, and became a Certified Professional Midwife.

Since beginning her journey, she has worked with 13 different midwives at over 300 birth center or home births.   She spent months assisting Hispanic women on the border of Mexico who spoke no English, has witnessed Amish women give birth by lamplight, has attended doctor’s wives who chose home birth and placenta encapsulation, and has sat with hippy mamas singing to their babies under full moons.  Corina even spent 18 months as a staff midwife at the only freestanding birth center in the Caribbean, working with island families in Trinidad and Tobago.

After teaching at an accredited midwifery school in Florida for several months, Corina decided that Richmond VA was the place to open her birth center, and she came to RVA on a mission!  Embrace Midwifery Care & Birth Center (and Embrace Wellness Collective!) is her dream come true.

​ “The truth is, all women birth in similar ways and they all know how to do it. It’s Intuitive.  My vision is to create space and support so that women can access that intuition and birth with joy.”



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