Cacao Bean to Bar: A Traditional Mayan Chocolate Making Class



Wednesday, July 13th | 6:00 to 7:00PM


Michelle Moore of Artisan Mayan Chocolate


Explore the transformation of raw cacao beans into the minimally processed Traditional Guatemalan Chocolate!  In this workshop, Michelle will show you how the cacao bean transforms into “Tableta” (Guatemalan traditional chocolate) as well into a traditional Guatemalan beverage.  See and learn hands-on where the cacao comes from, how to roast and de-shell the beans to get nibs, then how to grind and shape these cacao nibs into Tabletas.  Through this experiential, hands-on class, you will learn the difference between Mayan chocolate and regular chocolate, the history of chocolate, how to roast, winnow, grind cacao beans, where the cacao comes from, and maybe most importantly, LEARN THAT CHOCOLATE IS FOOD!

About Artisan Mayan Chocolate

The traditional chocolate of Guatemala is still made by hand without any special machinery or technology, giving it outstanding texture, quality and flavor.  Michelle & Artisan Mayan Chocolate is focused on preserving the family tradition of their ancestors with the same ancient recipes and methods of making chocolate in Guatemala.  Their cacao is ethically sourced from small Guatemalan farmers, as well their sugar (unrefined cane-sugar) and spices, all supporting their communities.  Michelle is passionate about and dedicated to producing the best and authentic, traditional chocolate of Guatemala.

Artisan Mayan Chocolate operates as 2 businesses in 1: as Chocolate Antigua, a small batch, bean-to-bar hand crafted chocolate maker located in Antigua, Guatemala that has been making chocolate for the Guatemalan market for over 10 years, and now as the local company Artisans Mayan Chocolate, making their craft, fair-trade chocolates available to the US market through Richmond, VA.



Register for this class

Due to the hands-on nature of the class, space may become limited, so register in advance to reserve you & your party’s seats!  Pay below, at Customer Service, or by calling 359-7525.

Bean to Bar Mayan Chocolate Class


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