Visit to Edgewood Farms

EF Chicken copy


Local, Pastured-Raised and NOW NON-GMO!

The Ellwood’s Team went to visit our largest local egg producer, Edgewood Farms. They are a collective of chicken farmers that raise chickens in the Shenandoah Valley in Dayton VA, near Harrisonburg. This is Aaron Beery’s farm and he has about 800 chickens!

EF Chicken House copy

The chickens are pasture-raised and are very friendly. Once we set foot on their pasture, these chickens came running up to check us out. They are outgoing and have a lot to say.

EF Chicken House Closeup copy

Chichens in the hen house Edgewood

Chickens in the house Edgewood

There are two chicken houses on the chicken’s land. To keep these guys at their most productive, Aaron has installed solar panels on the roof. The panels turn the lights on at 5AM and off at 9PM. He lines the chicken houses with cedar wood to keep the bugs and insects out and it helps with the smell too!

EF Chicken Closeup copy

These chickens are a hybrid (Aaron thinks Road Island Red & Plymouth) and are fed a diet of cracked corn, oats and roasted beans.

Edgewood Farms copy

Aaron’s property raises cows, swans, horses and grows vegetables, mostly for the family’s use. They still use a horse and buggy for local transportation.

EF Puppies

As if it couldn’t get any better, their farm dogs recently had a litter of baby Australian Cattle Dogs! They were the sweetest.

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