Chrysalis Institute Presents: Coffee with Author Kristin Kimball of “The Dirty Life”


SATURDAY, May 21st | 9:30am to 11:00am | The Beet

“I was in love with the work, too, despite its overabundance. The world had always seemed disturbingly chaotic to me, my choices too bewildering. I was fundamentally happier, I found, with my focus on the ground. For the first time, I could clearly see the connection between my actions and their consequences. I knew why I was doing what I was doing, and I believed in it. I felt the gap between who I thought I was and how I behaved begin to close, growing slowly closer to authentic…I had always been attracted to the empty, sparkly grab bag of instant gratification, and I was beginning to learn something about the peace you can find inside an infinite challenge.”

Kristin Kimball was living as a single, thirty-something, writer in New York City, until an interview with a dynamic farmer changed her world.  On impulse she shed her city life and started a new farm with him on 500 acres of land in upstate New York. Kimball and her husband had a plan:  to create a sustainable farm and grow everything needed to feed a community. Now every Friday evening, all year round, hundreds of people travel to Essex Farm to pick up their weekly share of the “whole diet.

At Chrysalis Institute’s Spring Keynote event the night before, Kimball will share stories of running a highly diversified draft horse-powered farm while trying to balance economic, social and environmental factors; stories of farm struggles and of farm victories, and a spiritual life found in the work and rhythms of the earth.

At our informal morning chat, you will have a chance to discuss her story, life and philosophies over and light breakfast refreshments in a causal, comfortable setting.

Farmer and Author Kristin Kimball holds a degree in English Literature from Harvard College. Before farming, she was a writer and editor living in New York City. She met Mark in 2002 when she interviewed him for a story she was working on, about the emerging generation of young, entrepreneurial, direct-market farmers. She fell in love with him and his work, and has been professionally dirty ever since.

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