Travel Happy: A List of My Holistic Travel Essentials

Upcoming spring and summer trips are upon us, and I for one am the biggest advocate for people taking vacations (multiple times a year if they can). Sometimes when people actually do go on vacation, they often use this as their excuse to do absolutely nothing on their meticulously curated health plan and their diet is usually the first to be sacrificed – and often this is just unavoidable. When we travel, we usually have very little control over where and what we eat and what we have access to to keep up with our daily rituals. Vacations and traveling in any form should still, to some extent, make an effort to keep you feeling grounded, energized, and healthy, albeit a little frazzled from unforeseen travel hiccups. When I travel, I’m a notoriously light packer, but I never really skimp on my holistic travel essentials – the things that keep me healthy and strong no matter what the nature of the time away. Here are a few of my travel essentials that are always in my travel bag:

  1. Protein rich snacks – I like to have more control over my food when I travel because I have a long and fluctuating history with digestive issues that sometimes come back with vengeance when I travel. Unfortunately I’m not one of those people that can stop to eat anywhere and go on my way. I always keep protein rich, shelf stable snacks with me that I can munch on if I’m not in a place where I feel like I can comfortably eat. I prefer a variety of KIND bars, cliff bars, mixed nuts and dried fruits, nut butters, organic jerky and (if I’m lucky enough to have a cooler), hummus with veggie sticks.
  2. Hydrating facial hydrosol – depending on the means of traveling, long hours spent in planes, trains and and dry spaces really suck moisture out of your skin. Your sleep rhythm might be a little thrown off too while you still have to drive yourself to and from locations. Keeping a refreshing facial hydrosol not only restores moisture and balance to dry skin, it’s also a welcome breath of fresh air that’s immediately revitalizing and uplifting when you’re feeling a little drowsy. I use mine multiple times a day when I’m traveling.
  3. Greens – I may not always be able to eat all the veggies and fruits I want on the road, but I can at least get in the next best thing that’s quick and easy, and a convenient way to ensure I’m getting in extra greens and nutrients on the regular. I even take the individual pouches with me on camping trips and they’re a lifesaver.
  4. Turmeric – This is something I cook with almost daily, and when I’m traveling I take the supplement form for it’s anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive normalizing, immune supporting and liver detoxifying magic.
  5. Sunscreen – because I never know where I’ll end up, I hate having to constantly hide from the sun if I’m not prepared beforehand. If I stay too long out in the open sun (like more than 10 minutes) I’ll get a wicked sunburn. I use Badger’s facial sunscreen every single day – traveling or not, but I always carry it with me traveling to re-apply anywhere that’s exposed for quick, non-toxic protection. Exciting side note – I got over being annoyed about the non-nano zinc oxide white smear of stickiness that is good quality sunscreen long ago, but they just came out with a sheer tint version (!!) that is pretty spot on.

What are some of your holistic travel essentials that keep you feeling strong, healthy and grounded during you time away? I’d love to hear what you’ve curated along your adventures!


Lindsay Kluge M.Sc, CNS, LDN |

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