Beads at the Bar with ClarissaB Designs


Bring a friend, mom, or daughter to The Beet & build your own necklace with handmade beads by ClarissaB Designs!

Whether you make one for your mom or bring her and craft one together, this is the perfect outing for Mother’s day! Or it can just be a crafty excuse to enjoy a mimosa, we leave that up to you…

Owner and designer Claire Berry will be here between 1 and 4pm, bar assembled, to help lead you through the make-your-own necklace experience.  Come whenever suits your schedule, and leave with a one of a kind accessory made from Claire’s classic, geometric wooden beads!

Prices will vary based on the beads you select for your necklace. For inspiration, check out her current necklaces and styles on the ClarissaB. Designs Instagram page.

Questions? Contact Claire via email at

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